A baby sleeping on a premium sheepskin liner holding a latte coloured flatout bear

Our Favourite Sheepskin Products for 2022

Our Favourite Sheepskin Products for 2022

2021 has been a fantastic year for our small business – we’ve discovered new products, new ways of working and most importantly, so many more of you have joined our flock! As 2022 begins, we’ve compiled a list of our five favourite sheepskin products of 2022 from lots of great brands - here’s everything we love about them.


Fellhof Flex

Our customers just can’t get enough of the Fellhof Flex – a sheepskin footmuff with several features that set it apart from the crowd. Fully lined in luxurious sheepskin is just the starting point of this fantastic cosytoes for the pram. The Flex has magnetic closures down the centre, making it oh so easy to pop children in and take them out. Parents love that it’s size adjustable, allowing 12cm extra space for your little one as they grow. Keep your footmuff compact in the early days then simply zip down the bottom section. In addition, the Flex allows for muddy boots to hang out of the bottom of the footmuff making it super long lasting. Not just for winter the Fellhof flex has a top section which completely zips off leaving a pram liner for warmer days. The Flex is a perfect choice for parents of little explorers who venture into the outdoors! Since it’s waterproof and easily wipes clean, the Flex facilitates lots of days out and come rain or shine, sheepskin is your friend.


Baa Baby Sheepskin Pram Style Liner

To kick off 2022, our wonderful sheepskin pram liners won the Mother & Baby Silver Award for Best Travel Product. This will take pride of place amongst awards from Loved by Parents, Absolutely Mama and Lux Life, commending our pram liners as best buggy accessory, most sustainable product and best baby shower gift. 

So what exactly is it that make our sheepskin pram liners so special ? Our sheepskin liners are hand cut from luxurious New Zealand lambskin and are naturally thermostatic, keeping your little one cool in summer and warm in winter. They come in a range of natural and gender-neutral shades and provide support and comfort in prams and carrycots. The lanolin contained in the fleece soothes and comforts baby’s skin, as well as helping to keep the sheepskin clean. The dense wool fibres promote comfort, sleep and relaxation. Moreover, our sheepskin is sustainably sourced, and each purchase helps to support Rays of Sunshine Charity for seriously unwell children. Last but not least what sets us apart is that every liner is cut from a single fleece of sheepskin – no stitching, seams or patchwork, just luxurious baby-safe sheepskin



Who doesn’t love a FLATOUT bear? A unique gift of 100% natural sheepskin for the tiniest of hands. A firm favourite for parents and children alike, available as Baby Bears, Big Bears and Rugs, many parents remark that FLATOUT Bears are the softest companion their child has. Their flat shape allows for easy grip, even for younger babies. All the way from Australia, these beautiful bears are made with the highest quality sustainable sheepskin and come in reusable tote bags

Many celebrity parents, like Hugh Jackman and Sarah Jessica Parker, love their FLATOUT Bears. And they’re not just for little ones – many adults simply can’t say no to such an adorable gift.


This year, we’ve been loving using sheepskin for natural house décor and uplifting rooms in the home. Baa Stools are a totally unique way to do this and certainly add something special to a bedroom or living room. Customers love that Baa Stools are made in the UK and come with a brush to keep your rug in ship shape, ensuring that it lasts and retains its quality. The stools come in a huge variety of shades and lengths with different styles of leg, meaning there’s really something for everyone!


This year, we’ve seen many more adults buying sheepskin for themselves so that they can reap the benefits too – and we think it’s great! Baa Stool cushions are a great accent for any room or piece of furniture in a variety of colours and shapes. The sheepskin is naturally thermostatic, keeping you warm or cool depending on the temperature. Sheepskin’s pile distributes weight evenly and keeps you comfortable no matter your age.

Now that 2021 is a wrap, we would like to thank you all for supporting our small business and inspiring us with new ideas every day. We can’t wait to see what our lovely customers do with their sheepskin products in 2022!