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Why Sheepskin keeps you cool in the summer?

Why Sheepskin keeps you cool in the summer?

Often the first thought about sheepskin is that it is warm and cosy but did you know that the same warm snuggly sheepskin can also keep you cool in summer.

If you are trying to find a fibre that will keep you cool in summer then sheepskin is the perfect answer and so versatile too. From the perfect picnic rug and sheepskin car seat liner to soft pram liners to keep baby cool and calm in the heat, sheepskin has so much to offer.

How exactly does sheepskin keep you cool?

It’s all down to the wonders of mother nature. Synthetic fabrics trap moisture and heat whereas the unique structure of the sheepskin fibres works to keep you both warm when you need it, but also cool. The thermostatic qualities of sheepskin come from the cool air flow between the individual fibres. Sheepskin absorbency works in a very different way to man-made fabrics – it actually ‘holds’ the moisture within the air trapped between the tiny strands. This same trapped air provides the perfect breathable environment to take away that sticky feeling that makes those beautiful summer days a little less comfortable.

For young babies this is especially important – they are unable to regulate their body temperature and soon become sweaty and unsettled in the pram. A sheepskin pram liner will not only be useful for keeping your baby cool and calm whilst on walks, but is the perfect solution for those red hot car seats.

Next time the sun is out and you are looking to keep cool, just throw down a sheepskin rug or pram linerrather than a picnic blanket, and your little one will enjoy the warm sunshine without the sticky wet back!