How to fit your Buggy Liner

Compatible with 3 point harness prams such as: Uppababy V2, Cybex, Bugaboo

Check HERE if you have a PRAM Liner

Step 1

Give your buggy liner a good shake and open up the velcro straps at the back of the liner

Sheepskin buggy liner with leopard print, vertical harness openings to fit a cybex
Sheepskin liner in the milk colour for fixed harness prams

Step 2

Pass the whole harness through the vertical openings of the buggy liner

Step 3

Locate the pram strap which sits between your babys legs and pull through the centre opening

Sheepskin liner for 3 point harness prams, OEKO tex certified and 100% natural
Sheepskin buggy liner for strollers with fixed harness such as uppababy v2

Step 4

Connect the waist band and clip in your baby and you are good to go !


Yes your pram liner will still close and can be carried and moved around with the pram liner secured with the harness straps

Whilst our buggy liners will fit most car seats, we cannot recommend using them in car seats as they would need to be safety tested by your car seat manufacturer.

Sheepskin is naturally dirt and bacterial resistant and should only need an occasional shake, airing and brushing

Yes your buggy style liner will fit the harness of all prams

Yes our buggy liners are easy to pop in and out of the pram and cot so perfect for on your travels. If you want to use your buggy liner in the bassinet simply tuck it around the mattress area and make sure the velcro is closed at the back

Sheepskin buggy liners make great seat covers or seat pads and are perfect linings for pampered pet beds.

See how easy it is to fit a buggy liner