Babyin a babyzen yoyo pram with a sheepskin pram liner in milk pale cream, on a summers day keeping him cool in the warm weather Babyin a babyzen yoyo pram with a sheepskin pram liner in milk pale cream, on a summers day keeping him cool in the warm weather
Baa Baby sheepskin

Keeping your baby cool in the heat.

Sheepskin Pram Liners

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sustainable and natural lambskin liner for prams and buggies in a babyzen yoyo pram keeping the baby comfortable in the heat

Transform your Pram Journeys


My baby loves it! So soft and kept him cool and comfy during the heatwave!

Baby in a yoyo pram  with a sheepskin liner, happy and smiling and keeping him cool

I have a different baby when we go out for walks


I feel totally liberated that nap times can now be enjoyed on a lovely walk

baby sleeping on sheepskin bassinet and carrycot liner in a bugaboo

Cool when it's hot and warm when it's cold! Super soft :) my 5 week old hated the pushchair until I bought this!

Baby asleep in the pram and carrycot lined in sheepskin

The best purchase, this is on my must have list

Sheepskin pram liner in a cybex priam pram - a buggy style liner that fits the harness perfectly

Beyond my expectations, so content and snuggly, quality is superb

sheepskin pram liner in the bassinet section of the bugaboo fox with baby enjoying the ride, happy and cosy

It's life changing - my baby is so happy and content on her daily 'peeps' out

Baby sleeping on a honey sheepskin pram liner, settled and happy, pale milk shade , luxurious, natural and temperature regulating

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Organic nursery award for the best baby sheepskin, for baby safety, quality and fitting quality in the pram

'Their sheepskins are unparalleled, soft cosy and of the highest quality, faultless' (Judging Panel)

Gold Award for best sheepskin pram liner from Mother and Baby 2023 for eco friendliness, sustainability and quality.

'Our testers were blown away by the quality of this (buggy liner) eco product.'

Made for mums award for best travel accessory, the baa baby buggy liner won gold award for ease of fitting, quality and helping keep baby comfortable in the pram

'Cut from a single piece of sheepskin so there's no awkward seams, lovely and snuggly, adds a little luxury to our every day' (Parent Tester)

Tailored Fit, Seamless Comfort

The perfect fit for Cybex, Uppababy, Bugaboo, Ickle Bubba, Egg and Oyster

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Meet Helen

Founded by a mum, a teacher and now a business woman.

As a parent I understand - I had a fractious baby who wouldn't settle, and no amount of positive mindset, singing songs or rocking the pram made any difference whatsoever. Which is why I created Baa Baby and for the past 15 years, Baa Baby has transformed the lives of thousands of families and helped them regain their freedom with a simple, natural sheepskin pram liner.

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