iCandy pram lined with Baa Baby sheepskin pram liner

Which Pram Liner for the iCandy Pram?

Written by Helen Clayton, Founder of Baa Baby Sheepskin

Have you fallen for the iCandy 7 pram?

You are not alone. The iCandy is unsurprisingly one of the most popular travel systems on the market, and just like Mollie Mae we are in love with the Biscotti pram colour-way - it's the perfect neutral, chic, understated luxury.

The peach iCandy is also a favourite among parents - making every stroll feel stylish and special. 

It’s hard to imagine how you could make the iCandy any more desirable but we think we can tempt you with the perfect layer of comfort and cosy – our sheepskin pram liner in a range of gorgeous neutrals.

Why We Love Sheepskin Liners for iCandy Prams

Sheepskin is an amazing material that offers so many benefits for your baby above the feeling of comfort.

  • Temperature regulation: Sheepskin keeps your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making it perfect for all seasons.
  • Breathable: Sheepskin promotes air circulation, ensuring your baby stays comfortable no matter the weather.
  • And so to sleep: Sheepskin is naturally soft and gentle on your baby's skin, providing a soothing and cosy experience, it’s pressure relieving too, balancing weight out naturally and inducing calm, and dare we say it, sleep.

    Why choose Baa Baby sheepskin for iCandy Prams

    If you have an iCandy our sheepskin pram liner design has some great advantages:

    • Hello Seat Coverage: Unlike the majority of traditional sheepskin liners, the Baa Baby liner covers the whole of the seat and has a much larger footprint.
    • Goodbye Patchwork: We are unique in having single fleece luxury liners – we don’t stitch pieces of sheepskin together so there’s no nasty seams or uneven texture. This makes our liners a little more expensive but we can hand on heart say it’s the only way to ensure pure luxury.
    • Hello Safety: When it comes to safety there is absolutely no compromise for your baby – all of our Baa Baby sheepskin liners carry OEKO-TEX certification, the very highest in independent safety testing.
    • Goodbye Fast Fashion: We don’t see our sheepskin liners as a fashion accessory, beautiful though they are we embrace timeless neutrals because when you care for your sheepskin it should last a lifetime

    Say Hello to Better Pram Days

    We have helped over 2000 parents settle their babies and enjoy their outings. Once you have stepped into the luxury of sheepskin for your baby you will not look back. Whether it's cooling that sweaty back in the summer or cosying up in winter, the incredible properties of sheepskin are the perfect partner for your baby and pram.

    "I have a different baby in the pram now" 🐑 ☁️ 

    - a very pleased parent (discover more independent Baa Baby reviews)

    Perfect partners – our very own sheepskin pram liner in latte and the Biscotti iCandy pram.

    The iCandy pram features a 5-point harness

    All Baa Baby pram liners fit perfectly to iCandy's design.

    A five-point harness separates into 5 different sections. Sometimes the shoulder straps connect to the waist straps and other times the shoulder straps will directly connect to the centre connector. Either way, a five-point harness is unique because the shoulder straps can be detached from the waist straps. This allows the shoulder straps to be threaded through the horizontal slots in the back of our pram liners.

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