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Which Pram Liner for Babyzen Yoyo?

Which Pram Liner for Babyzen Yoyo?

Pram Liners

We are often asked about which sheepskin pram liner or footmuff will fit the Babyzen Yoyo. As the Yoyo has a smaller frame and a slightly different harness arrangement choices may appear somewhat limited but we have a number of great options that fit the Yoyo really well.
First off lets look at pram liner options for the Yoyo.  Both of the Baa Baby liners - the Pram style and the Buggy style will work well with the Yoyo.  They do look and fit differently though so take a look at the best options for you.

The buggy style sheepskin pram liner has vertical harness opening as you can see.  This means that you don’t need to separate the shoulder and waist straps to fit this liner.  The harness pulls through in one section which can be a little quicker to fit - this might be a consideration if you want to take the liner on and off your pram more often.  The shape of the buggy liner is also slightly different - it has a tapered fit so mirrors the shape of the Yoyo well whilst still offering good seat coverage and a large area of padding around the head.

As you can see the pram style has a traditional opening for the harness so you will need to separate the shoulder and waist strap to fit this liner into your yoyo.  It also has a traditional rounded shape to it around the seat area with plenty of padding here and around the head area.  A great option if you don’t mind separating the harness to fit.


It is still easy to fold the yoyo with either of these pram liners fitted and they won’t need removing to collapse the pram.

Just a final word on sheepskin pram liners...  the Bowron Pram Liner isn’t a great fit for the Yoyo as there are no harness openings and the harness doesn’t sit well around the square shape of the liner.  

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