Finding the Perfect Pram Liner for Your Cybex Pram

Finding the Perfect Pram Liner for Your Cybex Pram

Written by Helen Clayton, Founder of Baa Baby Sheepskin

As parents, we're always seeking the utmost comfort and safety for our little ones, particularly when it comes to essential items like the pram. If you've opted for a Cybex pram, you've made a wise choice. Loved for their designs and the brand's commitment to quality, Cybex prams have become a top pick for parents worldwide.

But did you know that adding a Baa Baby sheepskin buggy style liner can make your pram even more cosy and practical for you and your little one? Let's talk about how this simple addition can make a big difference.

Why We Love Sheepskin Liners for Cybex Prams

Sheepskin is an amazing material that offers so many benefits for your baby:

  • Temperature regulation: Sheepskin keeps your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer, making it perfect for all seasons.
  • Breathable: It promotes air circulation, ensuring your baby stays comfortable no matter the weather.
  • So so soft and gentle: Sheepskin is naturally soft and gentle on your baby's skin, providing a soothing and cosy experience.

They Have the Perfect Vertical Strap Design for Cybex Prams

One feature parents love in Baa Baby's sheepskin liners is our innovative vertical strap openings. If you own a Cybex pram, this design has some great advantages:

  • Perfectly compatible: Unlike traditional liners with horizontal strap openings, our vertical strap design works perfectly with Cybex's 3-point harness system.
  • Easy to use: Nobody wants to be wrestling with a pram liner when trying to get out the door. Our design ensures attaching and removing the liner is super quick and hassle-free.
  • Versatile fit: It adapts well to various pram models, making it a versatile accessory for your pram.

This unique design ensures a secure and comfortable fit, so you don't have to worry about the liner being hard to attach or slipping around.


Liners with a Truly Tailored Fit for Cybex Prams

We are really proud that what truly sets Baa Baby's buggy liners apart is their tailored design, perfectly suited for Cybex prams.

The combination of a tapered waist section, sheepskin that will cover the whole seat and vertical straps ensures a perfect fit. 

  • Snug fit: The tapered waist section and full seat coverage ensure a snug and secure fit in your Cybex.
  • All-round comfort: The sheepskin covers the entire seat, giving your baby a cocoon of comfort.
  • Stylish and practical: It adds a touch of 100% natural luxury to your pram, while still being very practical.

Say Hello to Cosy Adventures

Picture this: you've got your gorgeous Cybex pram, the weather's perfect, you've packed all the snacks, and you're excited for some fresh air with your little one. But first, you have to deal with a pram liner that just doesn't fit right. Not ideal.

With Baa Baby's sheepskin liner, those days are over. Say goodbye to the frustrations of ill-fitting accessories and hello to cosy, worry-free adventures with your little one!

With Baa Baby’s sheepskin buggy liner, you and your baby can enjoy comfortable outings all year round, whatever the weather.

Your little cub will stay cosy year-round with Baa Baby's leopard-print sheepskin liner in your Cybex pram!

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