Sustainable Shorn Pale Honey Lambskin Mattress Cover for Sleep and Comfort

Heitmann Felle Lambskin Mattress Cover | 70cm x 140cm

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These lambskin mattress covers from Heitmann Felle are medically tanned and shorn to approximately 30mm.

A lambskin underlay is the perfect way to balance temperature throughout the seasons, cooling in the summer and warming in the winter thereby creating a comfortable sleeping climate which cannot be replicated by synthetic textiles. 

Made by Heitmann Felle in Germany who are well known for their high quality babycare lambskins, these underlays carry the renowned OEKOTEX 100 certification.

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100% Merino Sheepskin

Naturally dirt repellant and antibacterial

Brush and air to remove dirt

Spot clean or cool wash if needed with lanolin shampoo

Dry away from heat and brush after washing

OEKO-TEX 100 certified . Safety and quality our priority - rest assured this is the highest standard of safety testing

Baby safe sheepskin - specifically chrome free tanned and medical grade for use with babies

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FAQS - Sheepskin for Beds

Yes all of our sheepskin rugs can be used in the nursery and in a cot. Please be sure to follow the Lullaby Trust advice regarding safe sleeping

Many parents use a thin sheet as a layer to keep the sheepskin mattress cover clean. When using a sheet ensure that this is a natural material such as cotton or bamboo to maintain the breathability and thermostatic benefits of sheepskin

Yes as well as being naturally comforting, sheepskin is pressure relieving so a great choice for supporting the body and is naturally soothing and comforting to aid sleep. Studies have found that the fibres effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and microbes so a great choice for control of allergens.

Heitmann has a soft and smooth feel and a rich honey tone

Kaiser has a more traditional look and feel - a deeper honey tone and more of a woolly texture to the fleece

Fellhof has a silky soft texture and in our view is the ultimate in luxury. A slightly paler shade of sheepskin with less yellow tones than Kaiser

Yes, our suppliers offer a range of sizes from cot bed right up to king size and we are able to provide a bespoke fit too. Simply contact our customer service team with your requirements

Love your Sheepskin in Bed

Your sheepskin mattress cover comes ready to use with your baby there's no need to wash - now or ever !

A regular brush, shake and airing should be all your topper needs to stay in great condition

Let stains dry and brush out with a wire sheepskin brush

If you need to spot clean or wash, use a specialist lanolin shampoo and follow the instructions with care

We’d love to see your little one with our sheepskin mattress covers, make sure to tag @baababy

Love your Baby, Love the planet

Naturally thermostatic, sheepskin won’t only keep your baby cosy in winter but will also keep them cool in summer. 

Kind on sensitive skin, sheepskin has naturally occurring lanolin in the fleece which is a natural moisturiser, 

Helping baby sleep, offering extra comfort and support due to its breathable qualities and gentle textures.

Sustainable, re-usable and long lasting. Love me forever but if you ever want to say goodbye your sheepskin naturally biodegrades in less than a year

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