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Fellhof Lambskin Mattress Cover | 70cm x 140cm

Renowned for their silky softness, Fellhof lambskin mattress covers are made from single skins of lambskin (not patchwork) and are medically tanned and shorn to approximately 30mm.   

Sleeping on lambskin is a perfect soothing way to sleep - providing comfort and support to the whole body.  It's natural qualities ensure that you never have to climb into a cold bed in winter.  In summer, the lambskin balances the warm temperatures and the long fibres cool the body. The fine wool fibres also absorbs up to 30% of moisture and draws this away from the skin without the feeling of cold or damp.

Fellhof are well renowned for their premium quality babycare lambskins, which have a distinctive smooth, silken texture. 

If you require a larger size please let us know as they are available on special order - lead time approx 7-10 Days

100% merino from whole lambskin, washable with lanolin shampoo, antibacterial and Oeko-Tex certified.

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