Baby laying on a soft white baby-safe sheepskin rug

How does sheepskin keep baby cool ?

How does sheepskin keep baby cool?

It sounds a little bit crazy at first but yes sheepskin does actually keep you cool in the warmer weather – in just a few bullet points we can get to grips with the science behind it.


  • Sheepskin draws moisture away from the wearer and into the heart of the fibres
  • Whilst drawing moisture into the fibres, sheepskin is able to maintain a dry surface next to the skin
  • Sheepskin can trap between 30-35% of its own weight in moisture
  • Sheepskin is made up of natural hollow fibres so is breathable, letting air flow through it


The use of sheepskin pram liners, pushchair liners and cot mattress covers to keep baby cool is already a really popular idea across the warmer European countries. Check out the sheepskin pram liners if you are holidaying in Spain or Italy over the summer. We send out quite a few of our liners to Dubai over the summer months too!


We’ll leave you with a couple of tips for keeping baby super cool on the hottest of days.


  • Try placing a small cool pack behind the sheepskin (rug, pram liner, mattress cover) and your little one will be instantly cooled – and super comfortable at the same time.
  • A sheepskin liner in a car seat will not only regulate body temperature but it will keep the car seat nice and cool on a hot day.

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