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Top 5 Benefits of Lambskin for Babies

Lambskin for babies doesn’t just look beautiful in the nursery or pram but also has a host of added benefits for baby – nature really is a wonderful thing!

1. Lambskin can help your baby sleep

Sheepskin for sleeping is often the top reason parents reach for a lambskin cot or pram liner. Shorn lambkin is best for sleeping – the dense wool fibres ensure that lambskin absorbs pressure without flattening and creates soft, natural support aiding restful sleep. Lambskin is naturally breathable, improves airflow and comfort, dries quickly and releases heat – a perfect environment for sleeping.


2. Lambskin regulates body temperature

Whilst everyone knows that lambskin will keep baby snug and warm in winter, it’s not so widely known that lambskin is great for summer too. Lambskin is naturally thermostatic, partly due to the hollow fibres and breathability. This means that lambskin will keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer – and of course comfortable and cosy all year round


3. Naturally moisturising

Lanolin is the major reason that lambskin feels so cosy – it is a waxy substance that makes up 5 – 25% of the fleece and keeps the fibres super soft. Many moisturisers and creams used to treat dry, itchy skin conditions contain the same lanolin that is naturally found in lambskin. Lying on lambskin has been shown to have a natural moisturising effect for babies and can help to provide relief from dry skin conditions.


4. Deters dirt and bacteria

Lambskin naturally repels dirt and bacteria so it is a great choice for baby and the nursery. It has what is known as natural ‘wicking’ properties – the ability to draw moisture away from the skin which prevents conditions where mould and bacteria thrive. The tiny fibres of the fleece allow the air to circulate further reducing the warm and moist environments where bacteria love to grow. Easy to keep clean, lambskin will naturally repel the dirt and a good airing and brushing work wonders for cleaning


5. Improves Immunity 

Lambskin is naturally hypoallergenic and researchers have also found that the microbes in lambskin can boost the immune system and reduce the chances of developing asthma later in life.  A German study found that babies who had slept on lambskin for the first 3 months of their life had 41% less chance of having asthma by the age of 10.

As well as looking beautiful, lambskin offers so many more benefits for your baby.  Mother nature really does know best!



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