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Bugaboo® Bee Pram Liner & Footmuff Fitting Guide

If you’re looking for a sheepskin pram liner or footmuff for your Bugaboo Bee® but aren’t sure where to start – our fitting guide is here to help. Our guide contains information about which pram liners and footmuffs fit the Bugaboo® Bee and the differences between them. We also have a gallery of images showing our recommended fit for the Bugaboo® Bee.

Pram Liners

For the Bugaboo® Bee, both the Baa Baby Pram Style and the Buggy Style Liner will fit. As they have different harness openings and shaping there will be differences in the fit and appearance. Our infographic below shows the dimensions and fitting slots for both of the liners.

Buggy style pram liner dimensions versus pram style liner dimensions
honey colored buggy style baa baby liner in a bugaboo bee

The Buggy style liner has a narrower fitting around the waist than the pram style liner so will have a more sculpted appearance but is a little longer so there will be more overhang on the seat.

It’s also possible to fold (see right image) your Bugaboo® Bee with the Buggy liner inside!

folded bugaboo bee with buggy liner inside

In addition the Bowron pram liner will also fit the Bugaboo ® Bee – this is a much more compact fit, it is shaped almost like a ‘teddy bear’ and the straps sit around the harness.

The Bowron liner has a stitched backing and is made of soft shorn sheepskin with a removable section (the head of the teddy bear) at the top.


Since the Bugaboo® Bee is so compact, it requires a smaller footmuff. For this pushchair, we recommend the Fellhof Classic or the Kaiser Natura. To show you in more detail, we have some images of both footmuffs fitted in the Bee. 

This image shows the Grey Kaiser Natura fitted in the Bugaboo® Bee. It’s a very compact fit at 45 x 90cm, making it perfect for the smaller pram. The sheepskin is OEKO-TEX 100 certified and is available in both honey and mimosa white, a milky cream colour. The Natura is also available in Organic Cotton and in a range of colours – grey, black and navy.

black fellhof classic partially unzipped in a bugaboo bee

Here we have a Black Fellhof Classic shown in the Bugaboo® Bee. It measures 44 x 95cm therefore is slightly longer than the Kaiser Natura but still compact enough with no excessive overhang. The front zips off to leave a separate pram liner and the sheepskin is sumptuously soft and OEKO-TEX 100 certified.

You may have noticed on our website we have a Kaiser Bugaboo footmuff – this footmuff is designed specifically to fit the shape of the bugaboo pram however it is too big for the Bee, we have tried it out and whilst it is possible to fit it and fold over the additional sheepskin at the top, we find it too bulky for this small city pram

Any more questions?

We hope this has helped you, but if you need any further information please email or contact us via Facebook or Instagram for personalised advice and recommendations.