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Sheepskin vs. Cotton Liners for Moses Baskets & Bassinets

It’s a very cosy conundrum - should you go for the luxurious, natural warmth and softness of sheepskin or the classic option of cotton? 

Choosing the right liner for your baby's Moses basket or bassinet is going to be one of the many decisions you might come across as a parent. Or even as a friend or family member shopping for a lovely liner as a baby gift.

We've taken a good look at both sheepskin and cotton options to help you decide on the perfect liner for a baby basket or bassinet.

Understanding The Two Materials

Before getting right into the specifics of how they compare, let’s understand our contenders a bit better. 

Sheepskin: Super super soft. It has a luxurious texture and is 100% natural - meaning it's a material that comes straight from Mother Nature. We think one of the best things about sheepskin is its temperature regulating properties: it's going to naturally keep your baby nice and warm in the winter and cool in summer

Cotton: A classic material. Cotton is known for its breathability and the fact it’s simple and available in various patterns. 

Sheepskin vs. Cotton Liners: The Comparison Table

Feature Sheepskin Liners 🐑  Cotton Liners 🧵
Comfort Exceptionally soft Soft - but way less plush than sheepskin
Temperature Control Regulates temperature for baby in all seasons Less temperature regulating
Durability Highly durable, long-lasting Moderate durability, wears over time
Ease of Cleaning Easy to clean with a few simple, TLC cleaning methods Easy to clean, machine washable
Hypoallergenic Naturally hypoallergenic, gentle on skin Depends on the type of cotton
Safety Free from chemicals, safe for babies Check for chemical-free certifications
Price More luxurious, so generally more expensive. However, there are sheepskin options (like this liner) that are the same price as organic cotton liners Generally more budget-friendly but not always case with organic cotton
Style & Variety Natural shades and unique textures Range of styles, patterns, and colours

Ask yourself: are you looking for something a little more special and natural to line their basket or bassinet with? Or is the option of cotton and it's quick-cleaning convenience what you're after?

Assortment of sheepskin liners for Moses baskets

Sheepskin vs Cotton Liners: Care Instructions

Both are simple to clean, but sheepskin does require a touch more TLC. 

Sheepskin Liner Care:

For spills, crumbs, light stains:

  • Brush away dirt: just use a sheepskin brush to gently remove crumbs and surface dirt.
  • Spot cleaning: gently clean spots using water mixed with a little dab of sheepskin shampoo.

For a deeper clean:

  • Handwash when necessary: we recommend washing by hand in the bath tub using a lanolin-rich shampoo, especially for more significant stains or soiling.
  • Gentle drying method: After washing, pat with a towel to remove excess water and air dry in a cool, shaded area.
  • Maintain softness: if the leather feels bit stiff after drying, gently massage the liner to restore suppleness.

Quick Tip: After testing out different methods - we created this simple washing guide for sheepskin liners

Cotton Liners Care:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s specific care instructions, but cleaning cotton liners normally calls for putting in the washing machine on a gentle cycle.
  • You might also need to baby-safe pre-treat stains before washing.
  • Tumble or air dry on low heat for best results.
  • Absolutely optional, but if you like that crisp, smooth look, iron on a cool setting to remove wrinkles.


Sheepskin vs Cotton Liners: Environmental Impact

As makers of 100% natural baby sheepskin, we're proud of our eco credentials:

  • Our sheepskin is sourced from free-roaming flocks in New Zealand and Europe, ensuring a minimal environmental footprint and ethical treatment of animals.
  • We use chrome-free, eco-tanning methods and vegetable-based dyes, keeping our products naturally biodegradable.
  • Designed to last, our sheepskin liners reduce the need for frequent replacements, thus lessening environmental impact.

While cotton is a popular choice, there are environmental considerations to bear in mind:

  • While organic cotton is grown without harmful chemicals and is a better choice, much of the world's cotton is still produced conventionally, using methods that can be harmful to the environment.
  • Cotton is a thirsty crop. Non-organic cotton, in particular, requires significant amounts of water, contributing to water scarcity in some regions.
  • Though cotton is inherently biodegradable, the addition of synthetic fibers in many cotton products can hinder this process. 
Moses Basket lined with sheepskin liner

Sheepskin vs Cotton Liners? The Conclusion:

When it comes to choosing between sheepskin and cotton liners, each has its merits.

Sheepskin liners offer exceptional comfort and are great at regulating temperature, making them a cosy choice for any season. They're ideal if you're looking for a liner that adds a touch of natural warmth and luxury to your baby's Moses basket or bassinet. 

Cotton liners are straightforward and functional. They're easy to clean and generally more affordable, making them a practical option for everyday use.

Your Choice:

Ultimately, the decision really comes down to your personal preferences and priorities. If you're drawn towards a natural, luxurious feel, sheepskin are going to be the way to go. If you prefer something that's easy to maintain and lighter on the budget, cotton could be your pick.

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