Woven Moses Basket lined with Sheepskin

8 Reasons We Love Using Liners in Moses Baskets

Do Moses baskets need liners? 

We've got 8 simple reasons why parents should consider adding liners - particularly luxurious sheepskin ones - to their Moses baskets. You can also hear from parents themselves on what they think about sheepskin liners.

To us, sheepskin pram liners in Moses Basket’s mean…

  1. More comfort for baby
  2. Easy cleaning 
  3. Temperature regulation for all seasons
  4. Protecting your Moses basket
  5. A lovely sensory experience for baby
  6. A safe and natural choice
  7. Perfect for portability and comfort on the go
  8. Peace of mind

1. Liners mean more comfort for baby

Imagine the softest, cloud-like layer in your baby's Moses basket. That's what a sheepskin liner brings – a snuggly, cosy space for their peaceful sleeps, or for those moments when they’re contentedly lying in their basket, observing the world around them.

2. They help with easy cleaning

Life with little ones means messes. When they’re in the basket, those messes, mishaps and spills are much easier to manage with a liner. Easily removable and cleanable, liners help keep your basket fresh and hygienic. We've written more about this in our post on Sheepskin vs Cotton Liners for Moses Baskets.

3. Temperature regulation for all seasons 

Sheepskin is known for its natural temperature-regulating properties - keeping babies warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. Sheepskin liners are like nature's thermostat, right in their basket.

4. Liners help protect your Moses basket

Regular use can wear out your Moses basket. A liner acts as a gentle protective barrier, extending the life of the basket and ensuring it stays looking a bit newer for longer.

5. They provide a lovely, sensory experience for baby

Soft, fluffy, and fun to touch – the unique texture and fibres of sheepskin liners give their tiny fingers a lovely sensory experience. This kind of gentle stimulation can be both soothing and engaging for babies.

6. They are a safe and natural choice

Our sheepskin liners are crafted from 100% natural materials. We’re proud of that.That means no harsh chemicals so the liners are gentle on your baby's skin and hypoallergenic, too. Plus, with certifications like OEKO-TEX®, you can trust that our liners meet the highest standards of safety and quality.

7. Liners are perfect for portability and comfort on the go 

No matter where your baby's basket goes - be it in the living room, at a relative's house, or in a quiet corner of your own bedroom - liners are easily transferable and make each spot feel like a familiar, comfy haven for your baby. This kind of versatility is especially useful when it comes to the portable nature of Moses baskets.

8. Peace of mind

Knowing your baby is resting in a safe, comfortable, and clean environment is one less worry in the life of a busy parent.

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