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Searching for reviews and advice on the effectiveness of sheepskin pram liners to help with comfort, sleep and temperature regulation? 

We have a wealth of experience here at Baa Baby, but don’t just take our word for it. If you want to check out all of our independent reviews about the benefits of sheepskin pram liners then check them out here. 

We have compiled a few of the most relevant reviews from verified customers about our sheepskin pushchair liners below so you can see first-hand what other parents think.    

Sheepskin Pram Liners & Keeping Baby Cool 

Parents say…  

It really does regulate his heat and he now takes all his naps in it during the day too - Aug 2020 

I never knew about sheepskin keeping babies cool in the summer but it has worked a treat. So pleased we purchased it - Jun 2021 

Beautiful product. Its helping keep my newborn cool in the hot weather and I can't wait to use it for him in winter too - Jun 2021 

It’s just as nice as I hoped for our baby. I wanted it for more comfort and to keep my baby cooler in the summer from sweating in the pram. It seems to be doing all of that - July 2021 

22 Degrees the other days normally his back and the backs of his legs would be sweaty or clammy but nope with the pram liner he was fine it’s amazing! - May 2021  

Sheepskin Pram Liners for Comfort & Warmth  

Parents say… 

The most beautiful, plush sheepskin liner which is so perfect for my baby boy’s sensitive eczema prone skin. He looks so comfortable on it in his pram and he sleeps so well on walks - March 2021 

Our baby grandson was poorly and would not settle. Ordered a baa baby sheepskin liner and he snuggled against it and slept - Feb 2021 

She looks so comfortable and cozy, I wish I had bought it sooner. It's the perfect way to make the buggy more cushiony - Aug 2020 

It fits really well in our pushchair making a nice comfy cosy space for my little boy keeps him warm and snug, I am quite jealous - Aug 2020 

Sheepskin Pram Liners for Sleep  

Parents say… 

My little girl loves her Baa baby lambskin liner, I have it in her icandy pram and it definitely helps her sleep better :)  - Aug 2020  

My daughter has slept on this in her bedside crib every night since purchase and has been much easier to settle/resettle, I’m not having to warm blankets with hot water bottles before putting her down again in the night and I can take it anywhere easily for a familiar nap environment in our home or someone else’s or in the pram. After a week it’s my must have baby purchase - Feb 2021 

Buying a sheepskin pram liner isn’t about having a fashion accessory – beautiful though they are it is the natural qualities that win over parent’s time and time again.  

When choosing a sheepskin pramliner take care to ensure that it is completely chrome free and naturally tanned. Using a premium single fleece to produce the liner will ensure that there is no nasty stitching to wear and tear so your sheepskin pram liner should last a lifetime (and turn into a seat cover, or cushion pad when your pram days are over!) 

What do parents think about Sheepskin pram liners?