Sheepskin liner in summer with baby

Do sheepskin buggy liners keep baby cool?

Many parents purchase sheepskin because it is snuggly and great for winter. Some may even avoid using sheepskin products in summer as they fear that it may make their baby too hot. However, sheepskin can actually be used to keep your baby cool just as effectively as it can be used to keep your baby warm – here is why...

Sheepskin is actually naturally thermostatic and its fibres allow for a cool flow of air between the baby and the sheepskin. This is great for younger babies who cannot yet regulate their own temperature. A product which can keep a baby both cool and warm saves time and money as well as being really useful.

Sheepskin typically comes in lighter colours, so it can be used in another way to keep your baby cool. Parents place the sheepskin over a black or dark car seat or pram and it prevents the dark surface from becoming very hot and keeps the air flowing around your baby.

Lending itself to promoting airflow may be the main benefit of sheepskin in the summer, however, the naturally anti-bacterial and dirt resistant nature of the wool is also great in ensuring that your baby does not become sweaty.

There are many sheepskin buggy liners on the market but be sure to ensure that the liners are all from medically tanned lambskins and are safe for use with your baby. Ensure that the liner is 100% natural sheepskin and yes the buggy liner will keep your baby cool as well as warm!



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