sheepskin pram liner with baby on the beach in the sun

Top 5 Tips to Keep Your Baby Cool in Summer

Keeping your baby cool in summer is really important. These were five methods I used for keeping my children cool in warm weather when they were little:

  1. Ventilation: open a window on every floor 
  2. Bedding: use breathable fabrics
  3. Bath Time: lukewarm water to cool down
  4. Sheepskin: regulate their temperature naturally
  5. Sun Protection: lots of lovely shade

Keeping your baby cool is summer is so important because their smaller size means they can become overheated a lot more quickly than adults. In hot weather, babies risk heat-rash, dehydration, sunburn, and heat stroke.

Thankfully, there are many simple and easy tips and tricks to keep your baby cool so that you can enjoy the warmer weather while staying safe. As well as keeping them hydrated and dressing them in loose and lightweight clothing - below are five great tips.

baby enjoying warm weather on sheepskin lined pram

Browse summer pram & buggy liners - naturally thermostatic, meaning it naturally regulates temperature, keeping babies cool when it's hot and warm.

1. Ventilation is key to keeping your baby cool

Ventilation is easy and cheap!

Don’t just open the window of the room you are in - opening every window on one floor of your house allows for a breeze to flow through and cools everywhere down a little.

Keeping the curtain partially closed will also help to block out the sun. Leaving it like this all day will mean that your baby’s bedroom will be nice and cool at night.

If your home has a loft hatch, opening it encourages excess heat to escape through the roof.

Also, if you choose to buy a fan, ensure that it is not in reach of your baby and that it is not blowing directly onto them.

2. Use different bedding for your baby on warmer nights

Different bedding is required for your baby on warmer nights – use breathable natural fibres and keep any covers to a minimum, a thin cotton sheet is usually enough.

Consider specially designed summer sleeping bags for your baby which are usually made of natural materials and can help maintain warmth without the risk of overheating. 

3. Bathe them in the correct temperature baths

Bathing your baby directly in cold water can be dangerous, but lukewarm water can be refreshing for them and reduce body temperature. As long as your baby is not in a cooler bath for a great length of time, it is a safe and quick way to ensure they don’t overheat.

4. Lay your baby on sheepskin which is naturally thermostatic 

Whilst it might initially sound like an odd suggestion, laying baby on a sheepskin rug or having a sheepskin pram liner can really help.

Sheepskin is naturally thermostatic so keeps baby warm in winter and cool in summer. The fibres wick away moisture, are breathable and really will keep your baby cool. 

When out and about, a sheepskin pram or buggy liner in the summer is great for helping keep your baby cosy and comfortable, drawing away any moisture and maintaining a normal body temperature.

Read more about the science behind sheepskin in the summer, it's truly an amazing natural material.

5. Keep the direct sun off them

Babies should never be in direct sunlight but this is particularly true on a hot day – just a few minutes is enough to burn their delicate skin.

Pushchairs should have sun canopies over to protect them – never use blankets to keep babies out of the sun, as this will only trap the heat and make them warmer. If you need to go out in the car, leave it running for a short while with the air conditioning if you have it (or doors and windows open if not) to cool the car down.

Use a sun shade on the window next to your baby to keep the light and heat off them as much as possible.

Tropical beach with pram lined with sheepskin, keeping baby cool

@tonss taking her cooling Baa Baby buggy style liner in milk with her on a tropical holiday (in a Mima Xari pushchair).