How to Keep Your Sheepskin Fluffy

How to Keep Your Sheepskin Fluffy

Brand new sheepskin feels like heaven to touch - soft, cosy and fluffy. But with luxury materials, it can be a costly investment but with proper care, its softness can last for years. 

Thankfully, there are some basic and affordable ways to make sure your lambskin remains as good as new, so you can avoid having to make an expensive repurchase. 

Solution 1: Brush Your Wool to Keep it Fluffy

The simplest way to maintain the natural texture of your sheepskin is to brush it with a wire sheepskin brush. These brushes not only keep your sheepskin tangle-free and ensure it looks full, but they can also be used to remove most dirt. 

The dense pile of sheepskin means that a lot of dirt can be gently brushed out to avoid washing your sheepskin and risk shrinking the leather back. This way the wool will remain springy and soft. It is also a good idea to air your sheepskin on a cool day out of direct sunlight to keep it fresh and prevent washing. 

Solution 2: Spot Clean to Remove Visible Dirt

Most of the time, a gentle brush will remove dirt from your sheepskin. Sometimes it might be necessary to wash it so always try to spot-clean your baby sheepskin products rather than giving it a full wash. It’s important to know that the way you wash your sheepskin can impact the longevity of its naturally soft and fluffy texture. 

Solution 3: Hand Wash Stubborn Marks and Never Machine Wash

For some manufacturers, you’ll be told that washing your sheepskin in a washing machine on a low heat is okay. We do not recommend this, especially for the Baa Baby sheepskin range

When you wash in a machine, you risk damaging your sheepskin’s biological enzymes and shrinking them. Plus, each washing machine will have its own type of wool washing cycle which could impact the outcome of the wash so we never advise taking the risk! 

Your sheepskin product will retain its texture if you hand-wash it in the bath and leave it to air dry in a cool room. You must also use a specialist shampoo that contains lanolin and is enzyme-free, as opposed to laundry and wool detergent. This helps to maintain the texture and therefore the fluffiness of your sheepskin. 

If lanolin shampoo is not used, the natural lanolin is removed from the sheepskin over time, making it rougher to the touch as well as removing the natural anti-bacterial properties. Please be aware that most products listed as wool wash will not contain lanoline. Always go for a sheepskin shampoo!

Solution 4: Dry Your Sheepskin in a Cool Room

If you wash your sheepskin, make sure to dry it in a cool room for a few days. Never dry your lambskin with any heat - this includes radiators, heat from sunlight and tumble dryers. This type of heat will shrink the leather and pull the fibres together making them rough and ‘woolly’ rather than fluffy and soft. For now, sit back and relax and let your sheepskin dry naturally. It will soon be back to its fluffy and luxurious feel!

For more tips and advice on sheepskin care, make sure to check out our dedicated sheepskin care guide that’ll keep your sheepskin soft and clean for years to come.