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How to Keep Your Sheepskin Fluffy

How to Keep Your Sheepskin Fluffy

Brand new sheepskin is super soft, fluffy and cosy. It can be a costly investment, but when well-cared for, it can last for years. There are some basic and affordable ways to ensure your lambskin remains good as new, avoiding having to unnecessarily repurchase expensive products.

The simplest way to maintain the natural texture of sheepskin is purchasing a wiresheepskin brush. These brushes not only keep your sheepskin tangle-free and ensure it looks full, they can also be used to remove most dirt. The dense pile of sheepskin means that a lot of dirt can be gently brushed out to avoid washing your sheepskin and risking the leather backing shrinking. The wool will remain springy and soft with regular brushing and reducing unnecessary washing. It is also a good idea to air your sheepskin on a cool day out of direct sunlight.

Although most of the time, a gentle brush will remove dirt from your sheepskin, sometimes it is necessary to wash it. It is always best to try and ‘spot clean’ your sheepskin rather than a full wash. The way in which you choose to wash your sheepskin will have an impact on how fluffy it remains over a period of time. Although some manufacturers state sheepskin can be washed in a washing machine on a low heat, your product will retain its texture if you hand-wash it in the bath and leave it to air dry in a cool room. If you must use a washing machine, ensure you never tumble dry your sheepskin and that you usea specialist shampoo as opposed to laundry detergent. Shampoos containing lanolin are required for maintaining the texture of your sheepskin. If lanolin shampoo is not used, the natural lanolin is removed from the sheepskin over time, making it rougher to the touch as well as removing the natural anti-bacterial properties.

a brown, long haired sheepskin rug on the floor in front of a basket of natural children's toys and a vase

Finally some tips on drying your sheepskin if you have had to wash it. Never dry the lambskin with any additional heat – this includes radiators, heat from sunlight and tumble dryers. Any additional heat will shrink the leather and pull the fibres together making them rough and ‘woolly’ rather than fluffy and soft.