A care set containing a sheepskin shampoo next to a wire brush

A Guide to Caring for your Sheepskin

A Guide to Caring for your Sheepskin

When properly looked after, sheepskin can last for decades and retain its original texture. Sheepskin is also relatively low maintenance, making it an ideal practical solution for the time-conscious parent. However, to help you make the most of your beautiful natural sheepskin rug, there are a few simple tips we recommend in order to keep your sheepskin as good as new. In this blog, we also share with you our instructions for the perfect sheepskin wash.


Here are our most important general sheepskin dos and don’ts, for long-lasting benefits:


Sheepskin Do's and Don'ts


  • Shake out your sheepskin to remove dust and dirt particles
  • Gently vacuum sheepskin rugs
  • Brush your sheepskin with a wire brush
  • Bat your sheepskin outside regularly to keep it supple and smooth



  • Leave your sheepskin in the sun for long periods of time – this can cause yellowing!
  • Put your sheepskin on a radiator

 If your sheepskin becomes dirty, it should be washed with care to preserve its natural state. Here are our recommendations for the perfect wash:


  1. Before washing, brush your sheepskin with a wire sheepskin brush which will dislodge and remove lots of dirt and remove dust fibres. You may even find that this completely removes the stain!
  2. If you’re trying to remove a specific stain, take a damp cool sponge or cloth and try to spot clean, gently blotting the area without rubbing harshly. You may also wish to use sheepskin detergent in your spot clean. We encourage spot cleaning over a full wash where possible.
  3. In the event that you do decide to wash your entire sheepskin, we always recommend giving your sheepskin a cool bath withgentle lanolin sheepskin detergent. The water should be changed when it becomes dirty. Take care not to rub your sheepskin harshly, and gently swirl the water over it.
  4. Once washed, gently squeeze out the excess water. Leave your sheepskin in a cool and dry place for it to dry. The drying process may take a few days.
  5. When your sheepskin is dry, stretch out the leather gently to restore its elasticity. You can then give your sheepskin another brush.

 baby's playing with sheepskin


Washing Dos and Don'ts


  • Spot clean your sheepskin with a cool, damp sponge where possible
  • Use enzyme-free detergent when washing your sheepskin without alkaline ingredients or fabric conditioner. We recommend a specialist sheepskin detergent containing lanolin (super important to replace the natural lanolin in the skin hat you will wash out) like this one.
  • Give your sheepskin a bath!
  • Dry your sheepskin leather side-up in a cool, well-ventilated area away from sunlight



  • Brush your sheepskin when wet
  • Wash your sheepskin too often – this strips the lanolin from the fibres, causing the skin to dull over time
  • Machine wash your sheepskin (even on a wool cycle, you risk damaging the biological enzymes in your sheepskin and shrinking it!)
  • Rub or scrub your sheepskin whilst washing, since this can affect the texture
  • Use hairdryers or tumble dryers to dry your sheepskin
  • Use bleach or hot water in the washing process


Caring for your sheepskin well means that it’s likely to last a lot longer and keep its original texture. Both products you need to follow the instructions above are provided in our Sheepskin Care Set.

If you need personalised advice on your specific situation (or anything else sheepskin related!) feel free to reach out to us at baa@baababy.co.uk or on any of our social media platforms.