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Can Sheepskin be machine-washed?

Can Sheepskin be machine-washed?

All parents have been there – buying a beautiful new product for baby only for spills and stains to appear on the first day! At Baa Baby, we know how precious time is, and we certainly wouldn’t want you to spend yours worrying about mess. This is why our sheepskin pram liners and related products are so easy to clean that they often don’t need washing at all.

1. First, Try Giving it a Brush!

Before rushing to wash your sheepskin, we advise letting the dirt dry and using a wire sheepskin brush to brush out the dirt. In most cases, the dirt will come straight out, eliminating any need for a time-consuming washing process. Wire brushes are specially angled to reach into the fibres and loosen debris.

2. Have you Tried to Spot Clean?

Smaller stains and dirt often do not require the whole sheepskin to be washed. It is easy to simply use water or a lanolin sheepskin shampoo on a small area of the sheepskin, reducing the need for long drying times and saving both water and product.

3. What About a Hand Wash?

Before turning to the washing machine, we recommend using some cold water and a lanolin shampoo if needed and letting the sheepskin air dry. This is better for your sheepskin, although we recognise that it can be a little time consuming!

4. So, Can I use my Washing Machine?

In short, we don’t recommend using a washing machine for your sheepskin pram liners due to variation in wool cycles - there isn’t just one washing machine wool cycle in the world ! If we really can’t dissuade you from machine washing then here is some guidance to help you stay on the safe side.

Always use a specialist lanolin-based shampoo (not just a wool detergent). Lanolin is stripped from the leather with machine washing and needs to be replaced, otherwise it will be hard and prone to shrinking. We recommend using a maximum of 30-degree heat (lower if possible) and ensuring your washing machine is set to a delicate cycle with a rinse and the lightest of spins (speed of 800 max).

While there is often success when machine washing sheepskin, there is never a good outcome with tumble drying. This will make the fleece feel rough and dense from the fibres being pulled together. Air drying will take longer (a few days) , but a cool room really will help, reducing the chance of the fleece losing its softness. When drying, the skin can be stretched to maintain its supple feel. Once dry, we recommend giving it a brush to loosen up the fibres.

So there you go – yes it is possible to machine wash sheepskin, but no it’s not the best choice and while it might seem like the easy option there are lots of great alternatives which you should try first.

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