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With a seemingly endless list of ‘must-haves’ when your baby comes along, many parents question whether a footmuff for the pram is really necessary. Let’s take a look at their different qualities and then you can decide if a footmuff is necessary for you.

A footmuff is an insert for a pram or pushchair which attaches securely to it with the harness fixings. They are available in a range of sizes and colours, to be compatible with almost any modern pram or pushchair. Whilst footmuffs can be pricey and are not for every parent, many families find them a really useful investment.

Their most practical use is that they can keep your baby warm without being kicked off and landing on the floor. For wriggly little ones, blankets are simply not an option. Footmuffs are also much thicker than a blanket, meaning that they can provide much more warmth in winter. Most footmuffs are also waterproof or showerproof so when the weather changes your little one stays cosy and dry.

Some footmuffs have added functions and features –sheepskin footmuffs are naturally thermostatic so warm in winter and cool in summer. This type of footmuff usually has a removable top section so that it can double as a sheepskin pram liner in the warmer months. 

If you do decide to opt for a footmuff then make sure it will last you through the toddler years up until around 2½- 3. A well-designed footmuff will often have the additional feature of a double zip arrangement at the bottom to allow for muddy feet or longer legs to poke out of the bottom.

Whilst it might not be the first item on your ‘must-have’ list, a footmuff is something that many parents find is a really practical purchase.

sheepskin pram footmuff in the sun with baby