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How to Fit a Footmuff to a Pram

How to Fit a Footmuff to a Pram

All footmuffs are secured to the pram, in the same way, using the harness straps. Prams have either a 3 point or a 5 point harness and it is important to know which one you have before purchasing a footmuff. To find out, simply open up your harness and count whether it separates into 3 or 5 separate straps.

The majority of prams have a 5 point harness and all footmuffs will fit with this harness arrangement.  If you have a 3 point harness you will need a footmuff with vertical strap openings to pass the full harness through. Some manufacturers such asKaiser make footmuffs that all have this type of opening. TheFellhof Premium also has vertical strap openings to accommodate a 3 point harness.

Most footmuffs will simply hook over the top of your pram with either a fabric flap or clip.  Once this is in place you will need to pass the harness straps through the openings. Some footmuffs have additional ties and velcro tabs to attach to the frame, however, the harness itself will secure your footmuff in place and you are ready to go!

If you need more information check our footmuff fitting guide and don't hesitate to ask us questions if you have any!

A baby in a long haired luxury sheepskin footmuff the kaiser nelly, with a mum leaning over talking to the baby