How Do I Fit A Sheepskin Footmuff To A Pram With A Solid Back?

How Do I Fit A Sheepskin Footmuff To A Pram With A Solid Back?

First things first, what exactly is a solid back? Most prams have a separate seat and canopy/hood – there is a gap between them and the back of the seat that's easily accessible.

On the other hand, several modern prams including the Baby Jogger City Mini, have a solid back, meaning that the hood and seat are completely connected – it’s impossible to separate the two and there is nowhere to hang a footmuff flap over the pram.

If your pram has a solid back, it can be a little more difficult to find your perfect footmuff – but don’t worry, there are still options!

Most sheepskin pram footmuffs are secured to the pram with a flap or a clip over the back. Whilst the flap is not absolutely necessary, it stops the footmuff from slipping when the child is inserted.

However, solid back prams are incompatible with this flap, and some footmuffs may even have plastic clasps on the flap which would end up directly behind your child’s head in a solid backed pram.  


What are my footmuff options if my pram has a solid back? 

The simplest option for selecting a footmuff if your pram has a solid back is to choose a footmuff that does not have a flap. One option is the Fellhof Flex, which has magnetic closes, an extendable bottom for your growing child and has grip strips as opposed to the flap.

The other option without a flap is the Kaiser Lenny footmuff, which is also secured with grip strips. It has a drawstring hood for added protection.

If neither of these sheepskin footmuffs appeal, there is the option of purchasing any of our other sheepskin pram footmuffs and removing or tucking in the flaps only using the harness attachment of the footmuff.

Please also check the footmuff sizing too – lots of the ‘solid back’ prams tend to be smaller models so our larger footmuffs won’t be such a great fit. 

Can’t decide or you need more help? 

We understand that all prams (and all parents!) are completely different and we are more than happy to provide personalised advice to customers. If we can help you in any other way, don’t hesitate to drop us an email at or to reach out on Facebook or Instagram