5 Things Every New Grandparent Needs

5 Things Every New Grandparent Needs

Becoming a grandparent is an exciting milestone and you will want to be prepared to support your own child embarking on their journey into parenthood. Whilst it’s tempting to buy lots of gifts for the new parents it’s just as important to have some essentials yourself. To help we have compiled a list of five things that we think every new grandparent needs which will undoubtedly help the new parents too.

5 Things Every New Grandparent Needs

1. A lightweight pushchair or pram

Taking your grandchild out for a walk and having a lightweight pushchair readily available at your home makes life so much easier. There are so many new pushchairs about that it can be overwhelming and daunting to choose, however a good second-hand pram that is lightweight and clean is all you need. You may want to choose one with a detachable seat that can double as a bassinet or a car-seat to offer greater flexibility.


2. Somewhere to put your grandchild down

Although it can be tempting – you can’t hold your grandchild all day! If you have a pram with a bassinet this can provide a good place for a nap, otherwise, a Moses basket in the early days will work well. A gym mat or rug to lie them on will give you time to play with your grandchild, take photos, or just give your arms a rest.


3. Baby bathroom

Aside from a changing mat, some wipes, nappies and nappy balm, consider buying a special baby bathtub. These are inexpensive and can help with changing time so parents can take their baby home all clean and ready for bed. Baby bathtime with your grandchild is also a special time that you will want to treasure.


4. Toys

Having a collection of toys for your grandchild at your home will really help new parents who have so many things to carry back and forth. Grandparents usually have the time to take an active part in playing with their grandchild to form an unbreakable bond. Reading storybooks from an early age and having appropriately aged toys at hand allows you opportunities to play while tired parents can take a break.


5. Feeding time

In the early days you might not need to provide anything as babies will have particular feeding routines and bottles if needed. As your grandchild grows and starts weaning you can be prepared by having some baby-friendly dishes, cups and plastic cutlery at the ready.


We wish you good luck in your new adventure – enjoy the fun and treasure those precious times.