Mountain Buggy Fitting Guide

Are you unsure which pram liner or footmuff will fit your Mountain Buggy? We are lucky enough to have a Mountain Buggy here at Baa Baby and as well as using it in lots of our photography we have tested out the fit for all our different products. Our guide includes photographs of the footmuffs and liners fitted into your pram and lots of information about the differences between each model. See how the products fit in your Mountain Buggy without having to purchase first.

Pram Liners

Both our Pram Style and Buggy Style Liner fit into the Mountain Buggy, which is a larger and more versatile pram with a standard 5-point harness. The chart below details the difference in dimensions of the two liners and also the different ways in which the harness straps pass through the liner. The resulting effect when in the pram is only slight – check out the images below to see them in the pram

Buggy style pram liner dimensions versus pram style liner dimensions

Have a look at some of our examples of the liners fitted into the Mountain Buggy below…

Milk coloured premium sheepskin pram liner in Mountain Buggy

A super soft Milk Pram Style Liner shown in a Mountain Buggy pushchair. The fit of the Pram Style liner is slightly wider than that of the Buggy Style liner.

Milk coloured premium sheepskin buggy liner in Mountain Buggy

This Mountain Buggy pram is fitted with a Milk Buggy Style Liner for a more tapered fit. 


For Mountain Buggy pushchairs, we recommend Fellhof footmuffs as the best fit. They sit well in the frame and have a tapered and soft shape which mirrors the pram.

Fellhof Premium

Premium sheepskin Fellhof Premium footmuff in mountain buggy

First up the Fellhof Premium which is one of the most popular choices for parents.

It’s our largest footmuff at 47 x 100 cm and is fully lined with OEKO-TEX 100 sheepskin. The reverse of the footmuff has ‘seat shaping’ to hug the frame and bottom area really well – this stops slippage down the pram. The top zips off fully to leave a pram liner in the summer months and there is a double zip arrangement at the bottom to allow muddy feet and longer legs to poke out.

Premium sheepskin Fellhof Premium footmuff, unzipped, in mountain buggy

Fellhof Flex

The Fellhof Flex (shown here in Grey) has a number of unique features. It has patented magnetic closures down the centre so no more zips to open and close when you pop your little on out. This footmuff grows with your child – the section at the bottom opens up and exends, so your footmuff can remain compact until you need the extra space. It measures 45 x 88/98 cm, is fully lined with OEKO-TEX 100 sheepskin and also converts to a pram liner in the warmer months. 

Fellhof Out and About

Our final recommendation for the Mountain Buggy is the Fellhof Out and About. It sits in between the Flex and the Premium size wise and is still large enough to grow with your child. There is additional access through a centre zip and one more the bottom opens up via a double zip to allow long legs and muddy feet to poke out. Fully lined with OEKO-TEX 100 sheepskin, the top can also be zipped off to leave a sheepskin liner in the summer months. Did you know sheepskin can keep your little one cool in summer as well as warm in the winter . 

If you had your eye on a different footmuff for your Mountain Buggy, have a different pram – or if you have a totally different question – please reach out or via Facebook or Instagram for personalised advice and recommendations.