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Long vs Shorn Sheepskin

Long vs Shorn Hair. 

Shorn hair (or short hair) fleeces are shorn to 30mm providing excellent soothing support and creating the optimum level for support and even weight distribution for newborns.  Shorn hair is the most popular choice from birth and would be our recommendation if used in a carrycot or moses basket.  They are velvety soft to the touch

Long hair lambskins have a rich, dense pile of 40-50mm for a sumptuous and luxurious look. These sheepskins have a fluffier feel to them and require a little more brushing to keep that luxurious look.

All of our Sheepskins whether Shorn or Long have been Eco-Tanned™ and are 100% chrome free and safe for baby.  


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The traditional colour of tanned lambskin is honey and this is still our best selling pram liner colour.   Honey lambskin does not have any additional dyeing procedure so is the most natural and eco-friendly choice.   We have worked with our suppliers over the years to ensure that the Baa Baby honey shade is a pale honey, a gentle tone which does not have any harsh yellow undertones.

All the other lambskin colours we offer are dyed with a chrome-free vegetable dye to ensure that they are baby-safe.  If you would like an alternative shade we have a range of neutral sheepskin colours which will compliment your pram 

We do not offer 'striped liners' as all our liners are cut from a single lambskin fleece.  We prefer to maintain a wholly natural look and feel to our sheepskin liners and to avoid any uncomfortable stitching or seams that can wear and damage the leather.

(Please note, some colours are only available in Shorn Style)



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