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Which Pram Liner should you choose?

Here at Baa Baby we know that selecting the perfect pram liner can be tricky, so we have compiled this helpful guide.  

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a Sheepskin Pram Liner: 

- The shape and how it will fit in your pram. 

- The type of harness your pram has. (3 point or 5 point).

- The length of the hair. (shorn or long).

- The colour of the sheepskin you would prefer.  


Buggy Style vs Pram Style Overview: 

buggy liner vs pram liner comparison chart 

Shape and Fit

Our Baa BabySheepskin Pram Liners come in two styles; The Buggy Style and The Pram Style.  For many prams and pushchairs, either liner will fit, they will simply look and fit slightly differently.  The diagram above shows how both of the pram liners look when fitted into the same iCandy Peach Pram.  

Both the Pram Style and Buggy Style liners will easily fit in a carrycot or moses basket -the leather is super soft and will tuck easily around the mattress.

Both the Pram Style and Buggy Style liners are cut from a single fleece of  sheepskin - there is no additional stitching, uncomfortable seems or patchwork.


The Buggy Style

The buggy style was originally designed for the range of bugaboo™ prams with a larger section at the top and more tapering towards the waist and bottom of the liner.  It has vertical strap openings to allow the whole harness to pull through.  


The Pram Style

The pram style liner is our original Baa Baby pram liner.  It has a wider centre and seat section offering more coverage at the bottom of the pram and less tapering here.  It has horizontal strap openings in various positions more suited to a traditional 5 point harness.



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Pram Harness Type 

Pram Harness Type

The pram harness is arguably the most essential part of the pram, the harness is the section that wraps around your baby and ensures they stay safely sat in the pram. 


Typically prams have two different types of harnesses. A three-point harness  (sometimes referred to as a fixed harness) or a five-point harness.  It is important to know which harness your pram has to help with the choice of pram liner. 


5-Point Harness

A five-point harness is named because it separates into 5 different sections. Sometimes the shoulder straps connect to the waist straps and other times the shoulder straps will directly connect to the centre connector. Either way, a five-point harness is unique because the shoulder straps can be detached from the waist straps. This allows the shoulder straps to be threaded through the horizontal slots in the back of our Pram-Style Pram Liner. In addition, this style of harness would also fit our Buggy Style Liner if preferred - the harness can simply be pulled through the vertical opening.

 Five Point Harness


3-Point Harness (With shoulder straps)

A three-point harness is named as it connects in three different places. This style of harness typically has the shoulder and waist straps connected together which would fasten to the centre crotch fitting. Due to the two straps being connected together,  the shoulder straps are unable to be threaded through the smaller slots in the liner and instead has to fasten either around the liner or through larger slots, such as those in our Buggy Style Liner.   

Three Point Harness With Shoulder Straps


3-Point Harness (Without shoulder straps)

When your child gets older, you may get a larger pram/push chair which only connects around the waist and between the legs. Or you may decide to remove or stop using the shoulder straps yourself. This typically allows the child more free movement.

As this harness type does not have shoulder straps it will easily fit either style of our pram liners. (Pram Style or Buggy Style Liners)

Three Point Harness Without Shoulder Straps 


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