Sustainable Honey Sheepskin Cosy Toes with Waterproof Exterior for Bugaboo®
Quality Sheepskin for Warmth inside the Kaiser Premium Lambskin Footmuff in Black for Bugaboo® Pushchairs
Black Kaiser Premium Lambskin Cosy Toes to Fit Perfectly into Bugaboo® Pushchairs
Image Showing Someone Fitting a Kaiser Premium Footmuff to a Bugaboo® Buggy for Maximum Comfort for Baby
Toggles, Fittings and Adjustments of Kaiser Premium Footmuff for Bugaboo® Being Demonstrated
Dense Pile Honey Sheepskin Inside Kaiser Premium Baby Footmuff
Kaiser Premium Footmuff Showcased Inside Pushchair for Easy Fit

Kaiser Premium Sheepskin Pram Footmuff for Bugaboo® | Black

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This Premium Kaiser footmuff in Black is specifically designed to fit perfectly in the Bugaboo® and Joolz® range.  Please note we have found that this footmuff is however too big for the Bugaboo Bee - for this pram we recommend the Kaiser Natura or the Fellhof Classic


  • Chrome-free and OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100 Certified
  • Conical seat shape designed for optimal fit for the Bugaboo® and Joolz®  
  • Water resistant and windproof outer material
  • All round zip fastener to allow the cover to be removed use in warmer weather
  • Zips works from both edges 
  • Lambskin fold can be held in two different positions depending on cover required

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  • 100cm x 45cm and suitable up to 3.5 years


This footmuff has been specifically made to fit the Bugaboo® and Joolz® range so you will find that this is an exact fit for those pram models.  

Please note that this footmuff will be too big for the Bugaboo Bee.  For the Bee  please see either the Kaiser Natura or the Fellhof Classic which are both an excellent fit. 

Featured in our video clip  below in the the Bugaboo Chameleon 3 this is a luxurious and bespoke fit footmuff.


We have a full range of footmuffs designed to fit every size and style of pram.

The top of all of our footmuffs zips off to leave a pram liner in the summer

If your pram has a 3 point or fixed harness (such as a Cybex or Uppababy V2) you will need either a Baa Baby footmuff or a Fellhof Premium footmuff.

We have a fitting checker on our website and can also give personalised advice if you wouuld like more help - simply contact

100% Merino Sheepskin lining

Waterproof and windproof

Naturally dirt repellant and antibacterial

Brush and air sheepskin to remove dirt

Spot clean or cool wash if needed with lanolin shampoo

Dry away from heat and brush after washing

OEKO-TEX 100 certified . Safety and quality our priority - rest assured this is the highest standard of safety testing around.

All of our sheepskin footmuffs are sourced from merino sheepskin, the softest, snuggliest sheepskin to keep your baby warm in winter and cool in summer

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We’d love to see your little one with our footmuffs, tag @baababy

Luxury fully sheepskin lined footmuff compatible with Cybex Priam and Uppababy, shown with top open
Luxury sheepskin footmuff, baby safe, fully lined and best premium buy for baby, independently tested and reviewed, shown in a pram seat

FAQS - Footmuffs

Every pram is unique with different seat shaping, pram size and harness openings - it isn’t possible to have a universal fit footmuff which is why we have a full range on our website to offer the perfect fit for your pram

Yes we have a simple footmuff and pram liner fitting tool on our website,  We also offer personalised advice and support - just reach out to us

Sheepskin footmuffs are intended for use in the pram seat from around 6 months onwards. It is possible for our smaller footmuffs to fit inside the carrycot of larger prams (e.g. the Kaiser Natura in Bugaboo Fox). Alternatively we have a Kaiser Emma footmuff intended for the first year and for the carrycot predominantly.

There are a number of benefits of choosing a sheepskin footmuff over a regular footmuff . These include thermostatic properties to keep your baby warm , sleep inducing properties to help your child settle in the pram and most importantly the ability to convert into a sheepskin pram liner in the summer months

Yes all of our sheepskin footmuffs have a zip off top to convert into a liner for the warmer months. Sheepskin is a 100% natural and breathable material, allowing cool air to flow around your baby's skin, unlike synthetic materials found in most prams. This will keep your baby warm in winer and cool in summer.

Sheepskin helps to settle and soothe your baby in the pram and we have numerous reviews from parents who have found their child now sleeps more or is calmer when out and about in the pram

Sheepskin is easy to keep clean and with regular brushing will rarely need to be washed due to the natural self-cleaning properties of this amazing material.  Let any stains dry and then use a sheepskin brush to remove the dirt.  We recommend spot cleaning your sheepskin footmuff with lukewarm water and specialist lanolin shampoo for any major stains.  The outer can also be sponged clean - check the manufacturers label for machine washing - this is always on a cold wash and with a low spin speed

All of the footmuffs we stock carry OEKO-TEX 100 certification - the highest possible standard of quality and safety testing. The 'best' sheepskin footmuff will be indiviudal to you - it will depend on your pram, your little one and your specific needs. If you need support with choosing your footmuff, email

We have tested a number of pram and footmuff combinations - most won't close easily with the footmuff inside and you will need to remove the footmuff prior to closing

All of the brands we stock carry OEKO-TEX certification and have the highest quality standards.

Fellhof is an Austrian brand renowned for its silky soft sheepskin, and has an excellent range of sizes and features

Kaiser is a German brand with a deeper, more traditional woolly type sheepskin. The range includes specific footmuffs for Babyzen and Bugaboo, and also has an organic range which includes a mimosa white sheepskin

Baa Baby has two models of footmuff, both are lined with milk merino sheepskin rather than honey, and our sheepskin is silky smooth to the touch.

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