Why use Sheepskin for Your Baby?

Why use Sheepskin for your baby?

Why use Sheepskin for your baby?

Many parents choose to invest in sheepskin products for several reasons – it's timeless and classy look, it's soft touch, or to decorate at home. However, the science behind sheepskin means that it can actually be extremely beneficial for your little one. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your product!



Sheepskin’s protein layer is smooth and soft, meaning there is less resistance against the skin, so babies can move easily. The wool absorbs pressure and redistributes weight evenly, supporting the baby’s weight. This means that lambskin can actually make it easier for babies to fall asleep. Many of our customers report that their little one sleeps so much better in the pram with a sheepskin liner and its comforting softness is hard to resist

A product we recommend for ensuring the comfort of your child is our range of universal sheepskin pram liners. Supple and soft, the sheepskin pram liners come in a range of colours and styles.


Health Benefits

Scientific studies have indicated that sheepskin can help to protect against the development of asthma and allergies in children. This is because microbes found in sheepskin encourage the immune system to strengthen its response. Irritants like dust mites cannot live in wool, so this naturally supports a healthy environment.

Finally, the lanolin in the sheepskin is an added skin soother. It is natures moisturiser, keeps the material supple and is soft on baby’s skin.


Temperature Regulation

Wool is naturally thermostatic so sheepskin can keep your baby warm and cold too. Sounds strange we know but there’s science behind it. Fleece fibres allow air to circulate freely, stopping moisture on warmer nights.

When it is cooler, fibres insulate your little one, capturing and returning warmth released by the body. This is especially useful in younger babies because they are not yet able to regulate their own temperatures.



When you purchase sheepskin, you are preventing the waste of a beautiful, natural product. Sheep are farmed for meat, and most lambskins are simply destroyed – over 95% each year are simply burned and never used.

Sheepskin has so many uses once you no longer need a pram liner or nursery rug. We have seen them as chair and seat covers, pet beds and repurposed into teddy bears and cushion covers. If you do ever want to dispose of sheepskin it will take around a year to decompose in the ground, unlike faux sheepskin which lives on for 30 – 40 years.



Something that many parents are unaware of is that sheepskin is easy to clean – most dirt simply brushes out, and even tougher stains can be spot-cleaned. The fibres are naturally close together and repel most debris, allowing for a quick shake clean. In other words, some good cleaning news for tired out parents.


Find the right sheepskin product for your baby today

From sheepskin pram liners to sheepskin mittens, we provide a huge range of products that are designed with your child in mind. Be sure to check out all our products in more detail!