Why Are Sheepskin Pram Liners Better For Baby?

Why Are Sheepskin Pram Liners Better For Baby?

Why are sheepskin pram liners better for baby?

Well that is a really good question and one we are often asked. Of course we would say that sheepskin pram liners are better for baby but we recognise that sheepskin is an investment and ‘better’ means different things to different people. We believe that sheepskin has many characteristics which make it stand out from the crowd when it comes to pram liners -take a look at the reasons why …


1. Comfort

Sheepskin is made up of densely packed fibres, which allows its pile to evenly redistribute your little one’s weight. This makes sheepskin very comfortable for baby, allowing them to spend more time in the pram without becoming restless and uncomfortable. Little ones are also more inclined to sleep in their pushchair when it is lined with sheepskin.


2. Temperature Regulation

Sheepskin’s scientific properties mean that it is naturally able to regulate temperature. This means that it keeps babies warm in winter and cools them down in the summer. Its fibres wick away moisture, preventing little ones from becoming sweaty and uncomfortable in the pram. Sheepskin is a great tool all year round for ensuring that babies who cannot yet regulate their own temperatures are comfortable.


3. Health Benefits

Studies have investigated the benefits of sheepskin and have found that babies who lay on sheepskin are less likely to develop asthma or allergies as they grow up. It also has natural antibacterial properties.


4. Sustainability

The environmentally conscious parent can invest in sheepskin knowing that it is a by-product of the meat industry and is a product that would otherwise go to waste. Sheepskin pram liners make use of a beautiful natural resource. All of our Pram Liners are from free-roaming flocks and are chrome-free. In addition, our sheepskin is dyed with vegetable dyes. Our packaging is sustainable and reusable, and sheepskin naturally biodegrades without harming our planet. What’s more once your pram liner has served it’s days in the pram then it will make a wonderful seat cover or pad for you!


5. Aesthetics

Sheepskin is considered by many to be a timeless luxurious addition to a nursery or a pushchair. We know that looks aren’t everything but it helps that sheepskin gives both a premium look and feel. Available in shorn and long hair and a range of different neutral colours we have to say that we love the look almost as much as we love the feel !It


6. Versatility

Baa Baby sheepskin pram liners can be used in carrycots as well as bassinets and moses baskets since they are backed with supple leather so they will easily tuck around the mattress. Many other parents also use their liners as rugs for tummy time and sleep, making a creative addition to a nursery. This means that you can continue to benefit from your sheepskin pram liner when your baby is no longer in the pram.


7. Practicality

Many parents are surprised by the practicality of sheepskin pram liners for travelling – our Baa Baby Sheepskin Pram Liners were awarded the Mother & Baby Silver Award for Best Travel Product. Many prams are able to fold with the liner still in place, and lots of independent parent testers remarked upon the fact that the sheepskin made journeys easier since baby was significantly more content in their pushchair. In addition, sheepskin can be spot-cleaned or brushed, making it ideal for parents on the go.


8. Quality

Yes sheepskin is a notable investment but its also a long term purchase with numerous years of use. Many parents report having their sheepskin liner last years or being able to pass their sheepskin on to others. Sheepskin is naturally long-lasting and durable, and purchasing one sheepskin liner is more financially and ecologically sustainable than buying several synthetic pram liners..


So that’s a bit about why we are so biased – what can we say, we love love love sheepskin for lots of reasons – and hope you will come to love it too!