Sheepskin mittens and sheepskin hat

Which Sheepskin Should I Choose for my baby?

We offer a variety of brands of sheepskin – choice is important to us and whilst we love our brand we are also lucky enough to be able to offer premium sheepskin brands from around the world. Choice however can be overwhelming so to help you out we have produced this brief guide detailing the distinct differences in each brand

Which Brand of Sheepskin?

Fellhof Sheepskins are an Austrian traditional family company who source their skins from Europe. All of the lambskins are from free roaming flocks, and they have all passed strict OEKO-TEX 100 Certification, meaning they are certified free of any harmful chemicals and pesticides and baby safe.

Aesthetically, Fellhof sheepskins are pale in colour and have a super soft silky feel. The fleeces are only available in shorn hair (30mm) and in honey tone.  We supply sheepskin rugs, pram liners, sheepskin footmuffs, mattress covers, mittens and hot water bottle covers from Fellhof.  We stock a wide range of their products and have access to their full product choice if there is something you would like that you don’t see featured on our website.


Bowron Sheepskins come in both long (pile 45mm - 50mm) and 30mm shorn hair. They are crafted from New Zealand sheepskin and have their own sanitization process.  More detailed information about this process can be found here. Their honey shorn lambskin is a deeper shade than Fellhof pale and has a springy texture so is good for supporting baby in a cot or bed.  We stock pram liners, sheepskin rugs and large sheepskins for beds from Bowron.      

 Sheepskins are a German traditional family company who source skins from within Germany all from free roaming stock. They have also passed the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 test. Kaiser sheepskin tends to be a more traditional 'woolly' texture and the colour is deeper and much more yellow in tone. We stock both honey and mimosa white sheepskin rugs from Kaiser alongside pram liners, mattress covers and a wide range of sheepskin footmuffs.  


Our Baa Baby  Sheepskin rugs and liners are from Merino New Zealand lambskins. They carry the Eco-Tan™ certification, are free from harmful chemicals and use a vegetable tanning process which reduces the impact on the environment. They are available in 30mm shorn hair in honeymilkwhitegreylight brown latte and more recently a special edition leopard print. They are also available in honeygreylight brown latte and ivory long hair.  The texture of the shorn lambskins is velvety soft and the longer hair is luxurious and fluffy.  We stock our own range of pram linersrugsmittenshats and booties.  Coming soon …. Baa Baby footmuffs !     

Heitmann Felle  sheepskins are another family run business - with traditional processes over 200 years old.  They are based in Germany and source their sheepskin from free roaming flocks.  We stock bootiesmittensmattress covers and bassinet/carrycot liners.  All of the sheepskin is shorn hair – mattress covers are available in honey whilst the bassinet liners are available in both honey and white.   Heitmann honey sheepskin is a deeper tone than Fellhof but paler than Kaiser.

Which type of sheepskin for my baby ? 

Rugs, Liners or Footmuffs?

These are our most popular choices for sheepskin and the versatility of some of our products should prevent the need to purchase twice.
 Lets start with rugs -  Sheepskin rugs are a great choice for tummy time and also for nursery décor or to lie in a cot.  A sheepskin rug can offer the baby support due to its dense pile as well as giving the room a classic and timeless gender neutral look. You might not need a rug though if you have a pram liner  –  many parents use their pram liners to double as rugs.   
The first reason that most parents reach for a pram liner is that it will keep the pram clean. It’s much easier to remove a pram liner to shake off crumbs and wash, than trying to reach into the corners and clean the pram itself. If your little one is spending a long time in the pram and there isn’t much padding, then a liner would be a good option for comfort. Sheepskin pram liners also have thermostatic qualities, with the added benefit of keeping your baby warm in winter and cool in summer so perfect all year round.

A footmuff is an insert for a pram or pushchair with a top cover which attaches securely to it with the harness fixings. They are available in a range of sizes and colours, to be compatible with almost any modern pram or pushchair.  Whilst footmuffs can seem expensive  many parents find them  useful investment.  Footmuffs can keep your baby warm in the pram without being kicked off and landing on the floor. They’re also much thicker than a blanket, meaning that they can provide much more warmth in winter.
Most footmuffs are also waterproof. Sheepskin footmuffs are naturally thermostatic so warm in winter and cool in summer.  All of our footmuffs have a removable top section so they can double as a sheepskin pram liner in the warmer months. A well-designed footmuff will often have the additional feature of a double zip arrangement at the bottom to allow for muddy feet or longer legs to poke out of the bottom.