100% Natural Baby Pram Footmuff

We’ve launched our very own Baa Baby Original Footmuff!

We have some very exciting news for our wonderful customers - our Baa Baby Original Footmuff has been officially launched! After many months of careful planning, designing and making choices to ensure we deliver the highest quality and most sustainable product possible, we can finally share our new sheepskin footmuff with you.

We have truly worked so hard to create something that we’re passionate about. We have listened to years' worth of customer feedback to better understand your wants and needs. We are so thankful for all the support we have received and all of the love our natural sheepskin products receive - this is only the beginning!

Why is the Baa Baby Original Footmuff different?

So what makes our sheepskin footmuff special and sets it apart from the rest …..

They have a universal harness fit 

Something we love so much about our pram footmuff is that it’s a great fit for so many different prams – a priority of ours was making it as universal and inclusive as possible.

Deciding which footmuff will fit your buggy can be complicated and time-consuming. However, on our Baa Baby Original Footmuff, there are vertical harness openings for ease of fitting, helping it to fit trickier prams with fixed harnesses like the Uppababy Vista 2 and Cybex pushchairs like the Eezy Twist.

baa baby original sheepskin footmuff


If you have a standard 5-point harness this will be a super easy fit with the harness pulling straight through. Our buggy footmuff has an optional flap meaning that if you’d like to fit it by hooking it over the back, it’s simple. Whether you choose to do this or not, the whole harness will easily fit through the harness openings on the footmuff.

Small but beautifully formed

The Baa Baby sheepskin footmuff is a really neat fit with shaping and tapering towards the bottom of the footmuff  (88 x 44cm, tapering to 34cm). This compact fit is perfect even for travel pushchairs like the Bugaboo Butterfly and the BabyZen YoYo.  The clever shaping allows for a neater fit in plenty of prams, avoiding the ‘baggy’ appearance of a footmuff that is simply too large for an average stroller. It also means that it is well-suited even to younger babies and will lie flat in larger carrycots.

Planet & baby safe

Our footmuff was crafted with both the planet and baby safety at the forefront of our minds. It is fully waterproof as a result of Bionic-Finish Eco technology, meaning that absolutely no harsh chemicals were used in the waterproofing process. You can take your little one out in the rain or snow, confident that the water-repellant used is eco-friendly.

Baby safety is our number one priority and we couldn't create a new footmuff without researching the highest standards of testing.  Our sheepskin and footmuff are OEKO-TEX 100 certified for optimal safety, there is no more rigorous testing or higher certification out there - and believe us we looked!

Our footmuffs are for year round use

Sheepskin footmuffs aren’t just for winter - we made our footmuff with warmer days in mind too. The top ‘layer’ of our footmuff can be fully unzipped to create a pram liner. Did you know that the naturally thermostatic lambskin will help you to keep baby cool in the heat ? With our sheepskin footmuff there is no need for an additional pram liner purchase in the summer.

Neutral & natural

The aesthetics of our footmuff are also very important to us. We wanted to create something with a natural look that would compliment the majority of popular prams available on the market. We have chosen to line it with a gorgeous pale milk-coloured sheepskin which is gender-neutral, natural and has a timeless look and feel. The exterior is a luxurious grey melange shade, certain to be the perfect accompaniment to your pram. Our footmuff is also presented in a reusable storage bag, ensuring its protection. The storage bag is large enough to be reused for multiple purposes or simply use it to store your footmuff when it isn’t in use.

Baa Baby Pram Footmuff

Let us know what you think…

If you choose to try out our new sheepskin footmuff, it would truly mean the world to us if you could let us know how you feel about it - and most importantly, how your little one is enjoying it! 

If you have any more questions about our new footmuff or anything else at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on InstagramFacebook or via email at baa@baababy.co.uk. 

 Baa Baby Footmuff

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