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What Shampoo Should I Use to Wash Sheepskin?

Sheepskin is a super special material that requires a little love and care. Regular detergent and even normal wool detergent won’t cut it as it does not require the necessary ingredient, lanolin, to keep it clean. Instead, you should use Baa Baby’s specialist wool shampoo that contains lanolin and is enzyme free to wash sheepskin products. 

In this blog, we’ll touch on how to care for your baby sheepskin accessories and the benefits of lanolin shampoo for keeping it clean.

What is Lanolin? 

Lanolin, the magic cleaning ingredient, is a natural waxy substance that sheep produce to maintain and protect their coat. When sheepskin is washed with other detergents, it will strip the natural lanolin from the fleece which over time, will make it rougher and removes its all-important antibacterial properties.  

If you want to shampoo your sheepskin, make sure the cleaning products contain lanolin so your sheepskin baby rugsbooties and other accessories stay soft and cosy for your baby. 

Where Can I Buy Sheepskin Shampoo? 

At Baa Baby, we are proud to sell our own shampoo made especially for sheepskin. Our sheepskin shampoo is not only full of lanolin, but it’s a certified Nature Care Product. This means that the shampoo you use is both natural and has no unnecessary impacts on the environment. 

As a Nature Care Product, we can proudly say that our shampoo contains:

  • No products that damage health or the environment
  • No microplastics
  • No genetic engineering
  • No animal testing
  • No silicones and surfactants
  • Recycled or reused packaging

Each bottle of our Baa Baby Wool Shampoo is baby safe and cares for the planet just as much as it cares for your sheepskin!

Other Tips for Cleaning Wool Products

On top of having the right shampoo, you’ll also want a slicker brush that contains strong bristles to help keep your sheepskin clean and fluffy. Pair both a sheepskin shampoo and brush together with our Sheepskin Care Set for all your cleaning needs. 

Sometimes, a good brush can do the job of cleaning. If something accidentally spills on your sheepskin, simply wait until it dries and try to brush it out!

Other times, you might get stains that are a bit too tricky and need some extra attention. We recommend spot cleaning first to save you time and effort. If your sheepskin needs a full wash after this, do this by hand and soak it in a cool bath containing the specialist shampoo for up to an hour as this will help the wool absorb more lanolin. 

Finally, never use any heat while drying, including sunlight as this will shrink the leather. Simply leave it to dry in a cool room and continue to gently pull or ‘work’ the sheepskin back into shape as it dries. 

Explore our Sheepskin Care Resources

We hope this blog helps you with how to care for your sheepskin and the type of shampoo you will need to keep it clean. We have plenty of helpful resources on cleaning your sheepskin baby products on our blog and Instagram and YouTube accounts. If you have any questions or need some more advice, just reach out to us and we’ll help you.