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Pushchair and Pram Liners for Hot Weather

Pushchair and Pram Liners for Hot Weather

As the weather gets warmer we are all enjoying being out and about more, but the sunshine and heat can bring its own problems. Sweaty pram days, grouchy children and restless babies – heat is something that babies find difficult to contend with as they have immature systems of temperature control. Whilst plenty of parents have ideas about how to keep baby warm in the pram in winter months, it’s sometimes a little more difficult to figure out a way to make sure baby stays cool in their pushchair in summer! To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite pushchair and pram liners for little ones this summer.


1. Baa Baby SheepskinPram and Buggy Style Liners

Yes we are biased – but for good reason. Our top tip for the sun is to incorporate a sheepskin pram liner, supported by science,  it is the ideal natural material to keep your child cool. Sheepskin liners are naturally thermostatic, helping to regulate baby’s temperature. This means it’s a fantastic tool both in summer and in winter, as it’s able to keep your little ones both warm and cool. In addition to this, they’re lightweight and offered in lighter colours, which absorb less heat. The sheepskin fibres wick away moisture, which prevents your little one from becoming sweaty in the pram. Long-lasting, high quality and sustainable, our sheepskin pram liners have been a customer favourite for years. Each and every one of our own liners is hand cut from a single fleece so no nasty stitching or seams to irritate and become damaged.


Our Pram Style liners are also the proud winner of the Mother & Baby Silver Award for Best Travel Product and received lots of great feedback from independent parent testers. Take a look at what parents have to say about them here.


If sheepskin really isn’t your thing (we can’t understand why !) then our next tip is to stay with natural breathable cotton. This allows air to circulate in the pram and encourages ventilation. In addition, the other side of the pram liner is a cosy material, meaning that it can be turned around to keep baby warm in the winter. It’s a way of having a natural liner – warm in winter and cool in summer without sheepskin if you wish , This liner is conveniently machine-washable and more affordable than alternatives made from other materials (we know sheepskin is an investment)The multiple openings make the fit of the reversible liner versatile and t is available in three different designs all nice and lightly coloured to


A pale, starry pram liner

Bugaboo’s own pram liner is created from a specially designed soft mesh material with unique cooling properties. The liner provides moisture control and temperature regulation. It offers high moisture absorbency and quick drying. It is compatible with all Bugaboo pushchairs and others with a similar harness (we used ours with the Cybex Priam as that has a fixed harness too) It is also available in four different colours, and the seat fabric is reversible. Bugaboo is one of our favourite prams and whilst we love our sheepskin buggy liner for the bugaboo we can’t leave out this fabulous liner direct from the manufacturers.



A black pram liner from Bugaboo

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