Is sheepskin an ethical and sustainable gift?

Is sheepskin an ethical and sustainable gift?


Can we all be more ethical and sustainable in our gift giving? We really hope so and after many years of a ‘throw away’ culture it feels as though we are turning a corner and making choices that are a whole lot better for the planet.

Sustainable and ethical gifting means giving a gift that is sourced with care, wanted, long lasting, recyclable and easily biodegradable. Out with all those single-use or disposable products and in with trying to be less wasteful and more intentional.

So where does sheepskin fit in with all of this? If you are careful over the supplier, you can ensure that the fleece is from free roaming flocks not farmed intensively. Sheepskin is always a by-product of the meat industry and in over 95% of cases is just destroyed. Buying and gifting sheepskin ensures that a beautiful, natural product, that would otherwise go to waste, has a new lease of life. Many suppliers eco-tan and use vegetable dyeing in their processes and all baby safe sheepskin is chrome-free.


You can even get our keepsake gift box - made from recycled material.


Not just a fluffy rug …. sheepskin is so much more than an article of home décor. It has natural thermostatic qualities making it an ideal cot or bed liner, comforting and temperature regulating it offers soothing support and is a great sleep aid. Our Baa Baby sheepskin pram liners provide the same comfort and care whilst out and about in the pram. Recently awarded a Loved By Parents Gold Award for ‘Best Baby Shower Gift’ and a Platinum Award for ‘Best Pushchair Accessory’ the our pram liner can be used in a moses basket, carrycot, pram, baby bouncer or as a play rug.

Easy to care for and lasting a lifetime – sheepskin isn’t something to be thrown away. With some spot cleaning and brushing it will look and feel beautiful for years to come. Many of our customers repurpose sheepskin pram liners as seat back covers and increasingly, we are seeing sheepskin on garden seating for comfort and temperature regulation.


If you ever decide you no longer want your baby sheepskin liners and don’t want to recycle or re-gift then it will naturally biodegrade within a year. Sadly, faux sheepskin can take over 40 years to break down and can pollute the ground with micro-plastics.
At Baa Baby, we strive to offer products that will allow us to live in a world full of intention and care and gift giving offers the perfect opportunity to spread our love of all things natural.