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Bugaboo® Fitting Guide

If you’re looking for a sheepskin accessory for your Bugaboo® pram but aren’t sure where to start – our fitting guide is here to help. This guide contains information about which pram liners and footmuffs fit Bugaboo® pushchairs, the differences between them and images showing the exact products fitted into Bugaboo® prams.

Note: This guide does not apply to the Bugaboo® Bee, which has its own fitting guide here. The advice and pictures below are specifically tailored to the Bugaboo® Cameleon, Fox and Donkey – all of which have similar frames and tend to suit to the same liners and footmuffs!

Pram Liners

Our Buggy Style Liners were cut specifically with Bugaboo® pushchairs in mind. This means that they are a perfect fit for the Cameleon, Fox and Donkey. We don’t recommend our Pram Style Liners for Bugaboo® pushchairs.

A smiling baby laying on a honey coloured sheepskin liner in a bugaboo fox

Here is our Buggy Style Liner in the Bugaboo® Fox. The left image shows the liner in Honey, and on the right, in Latte.

A baby sat on a latte coloured liner in a bugaboo fox

Both sections of this twin Bugaboo® Donkey shows our Shorn Honey Buggy Style Liner. The liner is simply tucked around the mattress in the bassinet section of the pram and can later be used in the pram seat the same as the other side.

A double buggy, the bugaboo donkey, with a shorn honey buggy style sheepskin liner in both sections
A smiling baby in pink sunglasses sat on a shorn honey sheepskin liner in the bugaboo cameleon

The adorable customer photo on the left shows a Shorn Honey Buggy Liner in the Bugaboo® Cameleon. On the right, the Bugaboo® Cameleon is fitted with a Honey Long Hair Buggy Liner.

A smiling baby sat on a long haired honey coloured sheepskin liner in the bugaboo cameleon


We have several footmuff recommendations for Bugaboo® Prams – the Kaiser Premium, the Kaiser Natura, the Fellhof Premium, the Fellhof Classic, the Fellhof Flex and the Fellhof Out and About are all great fits for the Cameleon, Fox and Donkey. To show you in more detail, we have some images of some of our footmuffs fitted in Bugaboo® pushchairs. Note – all of these footmuffs are available in different colours!

This image shows a Grey Kaiser Premium for Bugaboo® fitted in a Bugaboo® Cameleon. This footmuff is specifically designed for Bugaboo® and Joolz® Prams (excluding the Bee). It measures 100 x 45cm and has a conical seat shape for a better fit. As this footmuff is a bespoke design for the Bugaboo® it will fit perfectly

A grey footmuff with honey coloured sheepskin - the kaiser premium for bugaboo - in a bugaboo cameleon

This Bugaboo® Donkey Duo is fitted with a Kaiser Natura in Grey on the left and a Kaiser Natura Organic Cotton with Mimosa Sheepskin on the right. The Natura only measures 85 x 45cm and has a neater fit due to its smaller size so is perfect for the narrower twin frame

A double pram, the bugaboo donkey duo, with a grey footmuff with honey coloured sheepskin on the left and a navy footmuff with light sheepskin on the right

This customer photo shows a Fellhof Premium in Grey fitted to a Bugaboo® Cameleon. This footmuff is larger at 47 x 100cm, so fits a little bigger in a Bugaboo®, than the Natura above. It is most similar in size and shaping to the Bugaboo pram specific footmuff from Kaiser. There will be plenty of room for your little one as they grow and a double zip arrangement at the bottom for muddy feet to poke out. It also has a shaped seating area that ensures the footmuff hugs the frame really well

A sleeping baby in a grey footmuff with honey coloured sheepskin - the fellhof premium - in a bugaboo cameleon

The snowy image shows a Black Fellhof Flex in a Bugaboo® Cameleon. The Flex is extendable, and measures 45 x 82cm, extending down to 89cm once the zipped section is opened up It is a popular choice since it grows with your child and has magnetic closures down the centre rather than a zip.

A black footmuff with sheepskin, the fellhof flex, in a bugaboo cameleon. A child is in the footmuff and a mum is kneeling down beside the pram looking at the child

Any More Questions?

Have a different pram or had your eye on a different footmuff for your Bugaboo®? If you’re still struggling – or if you have a totally different question – please feel free to send us an email at or contact us via Facebook or Instagram for personalised advice and recommendations.