Sheepskin Fleeces

A sheepskin fleece has much to offer your baby all year round. Naturally thermostatic it offers cool comfort throughout the summer and cosy warmth in the winter. It can be a favourite rug to wriggle on at home, a travel playmat, a pram liner, for the cot to help with sleep...

Our range has been carefully selected for babies to offer the highest quality and choice available - including our own range of Baa Baby British Sheepskins - proudly made in the UK.

Bowron Babycare Shorn Lambskin Quick shop
Bowron Babycare Long Hair Lambskin Quick shop
Mimosa Tanned Lambskin Quick shop
British Lambskin Dark Brown Quick shop
British Lambskin Grey Quick shop
Kaiser Soft Lambskin Quick shop

Kaiser Soft Lambskin

from £45.00 GBP

Kaiser Large Lambskin Quick shop

Kaiser Large Lambskin

£90.00 GBP

Bowron Large Lambskin Quick shop

Bowron Large Lambskin

£94.00 GBP

Fellhof Natural Lambskin - White Quick shop
Fellhof Natural Lambskin Quick shop
Baa Baby British Lambskins - White Quick shop
Baa Baby British Lambskins - Honey Quick shop