baby on sheepskin rug with FLATOUT bear

Why are sheepskin rugs good for babies?

Why are sheepskin rugs good for babies?

Sheepskin is popular with many parents simply because it fits with the natural décor or aesthetic that many opt for in their nurseries or children’s bedrooms. Here we delve into the many benefits that sheepskin rugs can bring your baby – and the science behind it!

A sheepskin rug is a really practical, natural product for both parents and babies alike. The microbes found in the wool have natural anti-bacterial and dirt resistant properties so easier to keep clean than you think. Lanolin, a natural moisturiser for baby, is found in the fibres of the sheepskin – it also offers a shield against grease, water and bad smells. Sheepskin also contains keratin, which is a protein that can absorb moisture in the sheepskin without it becoming wet to touch. This means that the sheepskin remains clean even when it is in contact with sweat or other liquids. 

Parents searching for a breathable material often come across sheepskin. Its natural fibres have temperature-regulating properties which keep babies’ skin cooler in hot temperatures as well as keeping them warm when it is cold. This is really beneficial in newborn babies, whose bodies are not yet able to control their temperature.

Research has indicated that babies who spend time with sheepskin before reaching three months are much less likely to suffer from asthma or develop allergies when they are older. The microbes are thought to help with the strengthening of the immune system and its development. Its gentle nature is also perfect for sensitive skin.

Babies who struggle to settle are likely to be comforted by sheepskin. Its dense pile makes it a naturally-supportive material, which ensures that the baby’s weight is distributed evenly. Many adults opt for sheepskin mattress covers and seat pads for just the same reason.

If you are considering buying a sheepskin rug for your baby to play, lay or sleep on then make sure the sheepskin is medically tanned without any harsh chemicals and babysafe – a number of manufacturers specialise only in babycare sheepskin.