A smiling baby on a pram liner in an icandy peach pram in a field

Which Pram Liner for iCandy Peach Pram?

Which Pram Liner for iCandy Peach Pram?

Our Baa Baby Sheepskin Pram Liners come in two styles; The Buggy Style and The Pram Style. For many prams and pushchairs, either liner will fit, they will simply look and fit slightly differently. This photo shows how both of the pram liners look when fitted into the same iCandy Peach Pram. 

The Buggy Style
The buggy style was originally designed for the range of bugaboo™ prams with a larger section at the top and more tapering towards the waist and bottom of the liner. It has vertical strap openings to allow the whole harness to pull through.

The Pram Style
The pram style liner is our original Baa Baby pram liner. It has a wider centre and seat section offering more coverage at the bottom of the pram and less tapering here. It has horizontal strap openings in various positions more suited to a traditional 5 point harness.  

The iCandy Peach features a 5-point harness

A five-point harness is named because it separates into 5 different sections. Sometimes the shoulder straps connect to the waist straps and other times the shoulder straps will directly connect to the centre connector. Either way, a five-point harness is unique because the shoulder straps can be detached from the waist straps. This allows the shoulder straps to be threaded through the horizontal slots in the back of our Pram-Style Pram Liner. In addition, this style of harness would also fit our Buggy Style Liner if preferred - the harness can simply be pulled through the vertical opening.   If you are still unsure, check out our fitting guide for the iCandy Peach.