Which is the best Sheepskin for your baby?

Which is the best Sheepskin for your baby?

Although all our baby-safe sheepskin pram liners and rugs bring benefits for your little ones, there are differences between the brands and products that we stock. To help you decide which sheepskin is the perfect fit for your baby, we have compiled some information to point out the main differences between the brands and how the texture and colour can also vary.


Baa Baby

Our Baa Baby sheepskin pram liners and rugs come from New Zealand, using merino lambskin and are Eco-Tan certified. This means that they are free from harsh chemicals (chrome) and use vegetable tanning. They are available in a range of colours and lengths. Honey is the natural colour of sheepskin after tanning and the honey shade of Baa Baby lambskin is a pale tone, nearer to a warm cream than a traditional honey. 



Fellhof sheepskin is also a family brand, run from Austria. The flock are free roaming, and they have OEKO-TEX 100 certification, meaning they are free of harmful chemicals and pesticides. Fellhof honey lambskins tend to be richer in colour than Baa Baby sheepskin but still on the pale side and they are renowned for being silky soft. The lambskins are only available in shorn hair and in traditional honey.



Bowron stock New Zealand sheepskin and have their own unique sanitisation processes which they implement alongside chrome free tanning. They are available in shorn and long hair in an original honey shade and also offer larger lambskins for nursery rugs or as mattress pads. Their honey lambskins tend to have a slightly more yellow tone and have a springy texture, recommended by many osteopaths.



Kaiser, another traditional family brand, are based in Germany, using free-roaming flock from Europe. They are also OEKO-TEX 100 certified, chrome free and have a long history of supplying baby safe products. Their fleeces tend to be a richer tone with a deeper yellow colour and have a more traditional woolly feel rather than silky. The fleeces are available in shorn length and they offer both honey and white which is tanned using vegetable mimosa.


Shorn Or Long?

Whether long or shorn sheepskin is right for your baby can depend on a number of factors. Shorn lambskin is our most popular sheepskin range and the best choice for newborns and babies under six months of age. Shorn lambskin has more support as it is springier and offers even weight distribution.

Long hair sheepskin is more often a choice for slightly older babies and youngsters and can look super luxurious in the nursery and pram. It offers the same natural and thermostatic qualities but will require a little more brushing to keep it looking sumptuous and smooth.


I Want More Information About Our Sheepskin

We hope you’ve found this information useful on the different sheepskin baby product brands we stock. For more information on our sheepskin pram liners and related products, check out our blog or contact us!