What to buy for a baby shower?

What to buy for a baby shower?

What to buy for a baby shower?

Buying a baby shower gift that is unique, wanted and loved by the parents-to-be can be trickier than it first appears. The baby shower gift market is full of trinkets, personalised novelties and seemingly original ideas but this can lead to too much choice and gifts that have no practical use. We all want to avoid a throwaway society and an unwanted gift so think carefully before buying and try to stick to our three guidelines to navigate your way towards the most thoughtful gift giving.

Keep it practical

Whilst all new parents are different there are some staples that every new parent needs. These might not be too glamorous on first thought but chosen wisely to show a great deal of care and thought. Most new parents think about the larger purchases and equipment but there are plenty of practical items that soon become essential once baby has arrived. If you are looking for a useful gift then a beautifully presented first aid kit or travel essentials (digital thermometers, calpol, organic nappy balms) will definitely be welcomed. Similarly, muslins, swaddles, wipes and massage oils can be packaged beautifully to provide a practical and useful gift. Adding a gift voucher for a parent pamper session or a treat takeaway meal or afternoon tea are all great ideas for the parents-to-be when time and energy are at a low.

Keep it neutral

A baby shower gift often contains something for the nursery pause before purchasing that beautiful ornament, pictures or mobiles. Many parents have already designed the aesthetics of their nursery complete with matching accessories. We’ve all had those beautiful gifts that just don’t look right in our home and are then packed away or re-gifted. If you are hoping to buy nursery accessories keep them neutral, check out the nursery if you can and opt for something that can be used around the home too. Creams, greys and naturals are much more sought after than traditional blues and pinks and work well in any setting – think wooden toys, activity arches and sheepskin tummy time rugs.

Keep it natural

Natural products are unquestionably best for baby – natural fibres for their clothing and organic toiletries and skincare provide a safe and gentle start to life. There are a growing number of all natural baby brands – we particularly like MORI’s bamboo and cotton sleepwear, and Nom Nom and Tiddley Pom for their organic bath time products. If you are thinking about natural clothing then opt for larger sizes – too many first size or 0-3 months sleepsuits often means that some items are hardly ever worn. Natural bamboo and cotton sleeping bags are a great alternative to night time sleepsuits and last from birth up to two years. For first toys we love the idea of the sheepskin FLATOUT bears that are an all-natural comforter and super soft for sensitive skin.


Keeping it practical, neutral and natural are great guidelines to help navigate your purchase of the perfect baby shower gift. Every parent and baby is unique but there are some qualities that everyone appreciates. Choose well and your gift will be loved and most importantly useful for parents-to-be.