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Sheepskin for Babies – Health and Wellbeing

Sheepskin for Babies – Health and Wellbeing

When used to its benefits, sheepskin can be a wonderful natural resource for promoting the health and wellbeing of your little one. To help you get the most out of your sheepskin liner or rug, we’re here to explain just how and why…

Keep your cool baby

A commonly overlooked benefit of lambskin is that it is a thermo-regulator. Its naturally thermostatic qualities mean that your baby will be kept warm and cosy in colder winter months and be cooled down in the summer. Sheepskin is breathable and naturally crimped, allowing air to flow through the fibres, creating air pockets and keeping your baby’s skin ventilated. The fibres wick away moisture, discouraging sweat build-up and keeping baby’s skin dry since the sheepskin is impermeable. Sheepskin’s absorbent fibres simply draw the moisture into the heart of the fibres (and therefore away from baby’s skin!). 


Soft for a reason

Sheepskin fleeces naturally contain lanolin, something often found in creams and emollients.. Lanolin is soft and soothing for the skin, decreasing the risk of any irritation and soothing already sore skin. You probably don’t need us to point this one out but the soft and cosy nature of sheepskin makes it naturally comforting, promoting sleep and decreasing restlessness.  


Here comes the science

It is little-known fact that sheepskin liners are also an electrical semiconductor, creating a calming effect as a result of eliminating the muscular tension and stimulating the circulation in tissues. This along with the natural bounce of sheepskin provides optimum natural support. Medically shorn lambskin is the best for this -shorn to around 30mm and medically tanned, our sheepskins are also used by those who are bedridden to cushion pressure points and prevent sores. The thick fibre density of sheepskin cushions your babys body too, providing optimal support and evenly distributing weight. Little ones are kept settled for longer with the perfect natural cushion. . A bit more science too – sheepskin is naturally fire retardant due to its high water and nitrogen content. This means it would require far more oxygen in order to burn it – perfectly safe by the fire.



To the relief of parents and because sheepskin is totally made of protein fibres, it does not lend itself to the development and multiplication of bacteria. This means that sheepskin requires very little by way of cleaning. Since sheep have evolved into hardy outdoor animals, their wool has developed to inhibit bacteria, fungi and dust mites – common causes of allergies. They also resist bed bugs and mould growth. Studies (the European Respiratory Society International Congress) have been conducted which have found that babies who sleep on animal skins in their first three months are 70% less likely to develop asthma by age 10. These children also experienced less hay fever and wheezing. The science behind it is simple. – animal fur is loaded with beneficial microscopic organisms that help to bolster a baby’s immune system.



So there you have it – our round up of all the health and wellbeing benefits of sheepskin for your baby.  That’s is that sumptuous cosy feel isn’t enough alone to persuade you!

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