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Whatever the weather it’s always good to get some fresh air and head for a walk – babies also sleep better if they have had fresh air in the daytime. Whilst walking in itself helps to keep you warm the same isn’t true for your baby. Here’s our top tips on keeping your baby warm whilst in the pram.

  • Use plenty of layers
  • Those cosy snowsuits look adorable but all the heat and warmth is in one place.  Using layers of clothing not only helps to gradually build up warmth for your baby but allows you to remove a layer at a time if your baby becomes too hot. Advice from the NHS is to remove any additional layers of clothing as soon as you are back in the warm – cars and shops are a good example and not places you want to be pulling off the snowsuit and disturbing your baby.

  • Keep it natural
  • Use clothing, blankets and pram covers that are made from natural fibres – think cotton, wool and sheepskin. These fibres provide natural warmth, are gentle on the skin and are also breathable, keeping baby warm whilst reducing the risk of overheating

  • Hats and mitts
  • It’s important to keep those extremities warm especially in winter.  Newborns in particular lose significant amounts of heat from their head due to the large surface area of skin. Always use a hat in the cooler months – one that’s easy to take off once you are indoors. Tiny fingers soon take on a chill as well – mittens are a must for baby in the pram.  Avoid losing mittens whilst out and about by opting for a set on strings.

  • Use a pram footmuff 
  • Most prams have a footmuff accessory option. These are great to provide added comfort and warmth and shielding the wind, and rain from your baby. Footmuffs made of sheepskin are also naturally thermostatic so as well as keeping your baby warm, there is no risk of overheating when you are in the shops or stop for a coffee break. They also have the option of removing the front of the footmuff to leave a base layer of sheepskin as a soft and thermostatic pram liner. Check out a comprehensive range here.

  •  Keep them comfortable
  • Make sure with any extra layers and hats that above all your baby is comfortable – there’s nothing more annoying than itchy tags, sharp zips and toggles pressing into your skin. Bundling your baby up in multiple layers and extra warm clothing can lead to an uncomfortable feeling – whilst trendy bows and huge pompoms might be all the rage, try not to compromise comfort and warmth for fashion.

    Kaiser Natura sheepskin footmuff in pram with baby