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How our Natural Sheepskin Products are Made

How our Natural Sheepskin Products are Made

We are often asked how our natural sheepskin products are made and whether they are ethically sourced. We supply sheepskin (predominantly Merino wool) from a range of manufacturers alongside our own brand and whilst there are some slight variations, they all comply with the standards that make them safe for your baby

All of the sheepskin we supply is a by-product of the meat industry. This means that the sheep are not bred and slaughtered for the skins. Fewer than 1 in 200 sheepskins are actually tanned and used, sadly the rest is treated as waste and destroyed.

Natural sheepskins supplied by Baa Baby all use chrome-free tanning and are either eco-tanned using vegetable tanning or carry the OEKO-TEX 100 certification.

Many tanning methods use harmful methods which leave a strong chemical smell and are unsafe to use in the nursery. If you are using sheepskin for your baby please ensure that it is chemical-free.

Tiny baby feet on soft luxurious shorn lambskin from Baa Baby
Grey sheepskin liner for baby in basket for carrycot basket bassinet pram buggy

All of our shorn lambskins are ‘medical grade’ which means they have been shorn to a specific length for maximum support and comfort. Medical grade sheepskins also undergo more rigorous quality checks and are seen as a more premium quality product.

At Baa Baby we make our own natural sheepskin liners through hand cutting. Each pram liner is hand cut here in the UK and finished from a single sheepskin fleece so no patchwork or joins. As we hand cut all of our liners we are able to make a bespoke product for prams, carrycots and Moses baskets alongside our full range.

If you cannot find the right pram liner in our existing range then please contact us here.

Our Baa Baby Lambskin Booties are also handmade over in New Zealand from the softest baby lambskins. They are cut by hand and sewn using beautiful Nappa leather on the outer and have a soft sheepskin lining.

We are always looking to grow our range of natural sheepskin products and regularly source special and make bespoke orders for our customers so if there’s something natural and woolly that you can’t find then please do let us know.