Baby sleeping on a natural sheepskin rug safe for baby

How does sheepskin help baby sleep ?

Helping your newborn and future toddler get into a happy routine and peaceful sleeping pattern is probably one of the top things on a new parents wish list. With good reason too - those of us who have suffered sleep deprivation and tried to get through the day will know just how hard it is.

A lambskin can play an essential part in that tricky process because it provides natural comfort and is thermostatic. There is evidence also to suggest a lambskin can have additional health benefits as your baby grows. 


Lambskins are soft and supportive 

At Baa Baby all our sheepskin fleeces are the softest lambskin. The outer layer of protein on a fibre of wool is very smooth and soft to touch. This is comforting and also means there is less resistance across a babies young skin as they move about on it.

Wool fibres are also supportive as they are very cleverly designed, just like tiny springs, absorbing pressure and redistributing weight evenly across a surface without flattening out.


Lambskins are thermostatic

Wool has natural temperature regulating qualities. The fleece fibres breath naturally and air circulates freely, wicking away moisture on warm Summer nights. In cooler temperatures these fibres are insulating by capturing and returning warmth released by the body. This is why we always say Sheepskin is warm in Winter cool in Summer!

Babies, particularly newborn, premature or low weight babies have fragile temperature mechanisms so this quality can really help them regulate their temperature which in turn can help them rest more comfortably and for longer. 

Lambskins can help with allergies and asthma

There is evidence to suggest that using a sheepskin can help protect against the development of asthma and allergies in young children due to the existence of microbes in the sheepskin which help strengthen the immune system. Additionally dust mites, which can be a major irritant, don't live in wool which makes wool a natural remedy for asthmatic conditions when they do occur.


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