Best New Baby Products

Best New Baby Products

When buying for a new baby, parents and other family members often feel like they are missing something or as though they have forgotten something super important! Here’s our list of new baby products that are often overlooked but should be on an essentials list.



1. Baby Bouncers

Baby bouncers give your baby the feeling of security and being held whilst giving you a break! As your baby gets older, they can also be used for playtime – many variations of baby bouncers are available with included toys. 

2. Changing Bags

Although few expectant parents forget nappies, somewhere to put them is equally important! Be sure to buy a bag which is easy to carry and has lots of compartments for wipes, nappies, cloths, lotion and anything else you need to change your baby. 

3. Baby Bath Tubs

Whilst it is totally okay to take your baby into the bath with you, if you ever want to bathe them alone, it is essential to use a special small plastic baby bath to keep them safe. Smaller tubs are also less likely to be upsetting or frightening for a smaller baby.

4. Baby Monitors

Night time can make parents very anxious and can make them want to constantly check on their baby, although they don’t want to disturb them. Audio or even visual baby monitors are a great way to keep parents’ minds at ease and make sure your baby is sleeping safe and sound.

5. Nightlights

If your baby is frightened at night or has difficulty falling asleep, a nightlight can help make them feel safe and more inclined to sleep.  

6. Stair Gates

Although newborn babies are not able to move unassisted, stairgates are really important to have in place as soon as your baby begins to be mobile in any way alone. 

7. Play mats or rugs

Putting your baby down somewhere soft and safe for tummy time or to give your arms a rest is on our essentials list. Consider a sheepskin rug to provide comfort and support – they are widely available for babies and easy to move around the home.  

8. Digital ear thermometer

Quick and accurate and not too costly, these small devices will give you peace of mind and provide accurate information when you need it the most.