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Baby Shower Gifts That Are Actually Useful

Selecting the perfect baby shower gift can be difficult. Everyone wants to avoid buying a present that no parent will use, or that has already been gifted by another friend or family member. No guest wants to find that their expensive and lovingly chosen gift is cliché or won’t be used. Below, there are some ideas compiled of unique baby shower gifts that still have a practical use, and are sure to be gratefully received by any parent.


Photography Vouchers

A unique and modern take on the idea of gifting a keepsake is a photography voucher for a newborn or pregnancy photoshoot to capture your special friend or family member’s experience.


New Parents ‘me time’ gifts

Once a new baby is on the way parents time together or even alone to recharge is often neglected. Meal vouchers, spa days or gifts that focus upon wellbeing and precious time rather than ‘things’ will be really appreciated.


Organic baby care essentials

Massage oils and organic baby washes can help to relax parent and baby alike, and when incorporated into a routine, can help with sleep hygiene and a night-time routine, which new parents crave! Many companies which offer baby massage oils also offer products for breastfeeding mothers, who also need some extra care.


Baby sleeping bags

Whilst many new parents will be inundated with sleepsuits and clothing that their newborn will soon grow out of, baby sleeping bags will last up to around 2 years. They usually have a tog rating for summer or winter use and keep baby warm at night without the risk of overheating and having additional covers. Many are organic cotton and/or bamboo so super soft and natural next to baby’s skin. Swaddle bags are an alternative specifically for newborns up until around 2-3 months of age.


Nursery Ideas

Whilst most parents will have spent time preparing the nursery there are a few extras that will come in handy. A sheepskin baby rug not only has an impact on the overall aesthetic but is great for tummy time and playtime – natural and can be taken anywhere, but please ensure that you purchase a rug that is medically tanned and manufactured for use with babies. A diffuser with lavender or sleepy aromas for the nursery is also a luxury purchase that parents will find useful – soothing and calming for parents and babies, and who doesn’t love a beautiful aroma.


The Essentials

A gift box or hamper full of practical items is likely to be just as appreciated by parents, especially if it is filled with essentials! Nappies, muslin cloths, toiletries, calpol, gripe water, a thermometer, don’t sound very exciting but they will certainly be welcomed and used. A very practical hamper like this can also be livened up with some pamper products for new mums – face masks, hair masks, essential oils and candles.