baby feet on long haired sheepskin

Baby Shower Gift Guide

Baby Shower Gift Guide

Picking the perfect, unique, baby shower gift can be a challenge. 

The Baby Shower market is full of trinkets and novelties, leading to an overwhelming amount of choice and often gifts with no practical use. We all want to avoid harming the world our children will grow up in - so our gift choices are influenced by avoiding that throwaway culture!

Our three goals to tick in our Baby Shower gift guide are is it practical, neutral and natural

If you need some inspiration scroll through our beautifully curated guide here.


Why do sheepskin pram liners make the perfect baby shower gift? 

Voted as best baby shower gift by Loved by Parents, the Baa Baby Pram Liner is natural, sustainable and so much more than comfort for a newborn in the pram. It is a gift that will last for years - right through from lining a carrycot, bassinet or Moses basket, through to the pram seat and beyond as a rug or garden seat cover. So many uses this is a gift that is practical, beautiful and unique. Did you know sheepskin is naturally thermostatic ? Pram liners have the remarkable ability to keep baby cool in summer and warm in winter - and comforted and cosy all year round. Need help with fitting? Check out our guide here.