Baby safe and chemical free sheepskin rugs in neutral colours

Are all of your sheepskin products baby-safe and free from harmful chemicals ?

Are Your Sheepskin Products Baby-Safe?

Are all of your sheepskin products baby-safe 

and free from harmful chemicals?

An important question that we are asked all the time is whether harmful chemicals are used to treat the sheepskin and if they are safe for baby. All of our sheepskin products are baby safe however different companies (and the countries they are from) adhere to different regulations.



What is the OEKO-TEX standard 100 Test?

The standard which is most widely recognised is the OEKO-TEX standard 100 test - click on the link for the full technical information but put simply it means they are certified free of any harmful chemicals and pesticides. All of the Fellhof lambskins from Austria and both Kaiser and Heitmann Felle sheepskin from Germany carry this certification.


What chemicals do Bowron use on their sheepskin?

Bowron sheepskins are one of our best sellers - popular with parents as they are both good value and high quality. They are crafted from New Zealand sheepskin and have their own sanitization process. More detailed information about this process can be found here. This process is approved for use under the OEKO-TEX standard 100. It is worth considering however that some parents view this sanitization as an additional use of chemicals (even though they are babysafe and approved) and therefore make a different choice.


"G L Bowron & Co uses a combination synthetic tannage process for all its shortwool (SWW) and longwool (LWW) Sheepskin production, including Babycare products.  All Bowron Sheepskins are free of chemicals specified in the Oko-tex Standard 100, which include: (1) Pesticides (PCP/TeCP) (Pentachlorophenols, Tetrachlorophenols) (2) Organic Tin compounds (3) Azo Dyestuffs (4) Extractable Heavy Metals (Chrome VI, Antimony, Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, Cobalt, Copper, Nickel, Mercury) Although the wool on Bowron Sheepskins is bleached during processing, no chlorinated chemicals are used at any stage of the tanning process. Formaldehyde levels in all Bowron Sheepskin products are below 20 ppm (Parts Per Million), with all shortwool (including SWWNBC) products having formaldehyde levels below 10ppm. It is important to note that strict Japanese standards recommend formaldehyde levels below 25 ppm for any products in direct skin contact with Infants."


Have the Baa Baby sheepskin liners been treated with harmful chemicals?

Baa Baby Sheepskin rugs and liners from New Zealand have the Eco-Tan™ certification, are free from harmful chemicals and use a vegetable tanning process which reduces the impact on the environment.  


The most important factor in choosing the right sheepskin is ensuring that it is baby safe - sometimes referred to as medical grade. All of our lambskins have this feature and there is no use of Naphthalene (the strong chemical smell that is similar to mothballs) in the processes. You can find out more about the brands we stock here.