Joolz Day Fitting Guide

If you’re looking for a sheepskin accessory for your Joolz Day but aren’t sure where to start – our fitting guide is here to help. We have lots of helpful information about which pram liners and footmuffs fit the Joolz Day – we have used this pram model in some of our fitting videos and have some shared customer images so you can see exactly how the product will fit into your pram

Pram Liners

Both our Pram Style and Buggy Style Liner fits into the 5-point harness of the Joolz Day. The pram liners will look slightly different in terms of seat coverage and the harness openings work differently but either will work really well - the choice is yours!

Our infographic provides some measurements and images of a pram with both the liners fitted so you can see just how they work in the pram seat.


The Joolz Day has a range of great options that are a perfect fit – amongst our top picks are the Fellhof Flex, the Fellhof Classic, the Fellhof Out and About or the Kaiser Natura. Whilst the Fellhof Premium will fit the Joolz Day we feel that it is a little too big for the frame so it hasn’t made our list of favourites.

Let’s take a look at a few of these options in more detail...

Kaiser Natura

Grey Kaiser Natura sheepskin footmuff cosytoes prambag in Joolz day pram

Here’s the Kaiser Natura in Grey in the Joolz Day. It’s 85 x 45cm, waterproof and the top layer of the footmuff zips off to leave a pram liner for the warmer months. It is fully lined with OEKO-TEX 100 certified sheepskin - featured here in a honey shade, this footmuff is also available with mimosa white lambskin and in an organic cotton outer version. Choose from black, navy or grey outer too

Fellhof Classic

The Fellhof Classic, pictured here in Black, is a popular choice for the Joolz Day. It has a slightly slimmer but longer fit at 44 x 95cm. Once again the top of the footmuff zips off to leave a pram liner for the warmer weather. There are toggles to secure the front flap and the footmuff is fully lined with OEKO-TEX 100 certified sheepskin.

black fellhof classic premium sheepskin footmuff in joolz day pram

For a closer look at the Fellhof Classic inside the Joolz Day, take a look at our fitting video!

Fellhof Out and About

grey fellhof out and about premium sheepskin footmuff in joolz day pram

Moving up the range we come to the Fellhof Out and About shown here in the Joolz Day in Grey. It is a mid-sized footmuff, measuring 45 x 97cm so slightly bigger and with a few extra features. You will notice an additional zip and access down the centre of the footmuff. At the bottom of the footmuff there is also a double zip arrangement which will allow you to open up the footmuff just at the bottom. This is a useful feature as your child grows and to allow muddy feet to pop out at the bottom. Fully lined with OEKO-TEX 100 certified sheepskin the top will also zip off to leave a pram liner in the summer.

Fellhof Flex

Last but definitely not least is the Fellhof Flex, shown here in Grey in the Joolz. This footmuff has some unique features – it is our only footmuff that has a magnetic closure rather than zip fastening down the centre. This makes it super easy to pop your little on in and out. The bottom of this footmuff is also extendable with a traditional zip. The footmuff measures 45 x 88cm however once the bottom zip is opened up this can be extended down to 98cm. The bottom will also open up to further allow muddy boots and long legs to pop out. Truly versatile and flexible the front zips off to leave a pram liner and the lining is luxurious OEKO-TEX 100 certified sheepskin

Any more questions?

We hope this has helped you, but if you’re still struggling to fit your Joolz Day, had your eye on a different footmuff or liner – or if you have a totally different question – please do reach out for personalised advice and recommendations. Our email for queries is or alternatively we can be contacted via Facebook or Instagram